Friday, December 20, 2013

The Last Vestiges of Fall

I wandered about outside last week to capture some final images of fall. My timing was impeccable as a few days later we were blanketed in a heavy quilt of snow. While I love the splendor that fall provides, it's really rather magical to be in a world of white, perhaps because it's rather rare these days for it to last.

And last it will not, as we are expecting a weekend of freezing rain and ice pellets. We should probably break out the movie Ice Castles and call Uncle right now. I don't think anybody will be going anywhere. 

Our renovations are on hold until after the holidays; we needed a break. It's almost done but not quite enough to have the house completely back in order, but since we won't be hosting any Christmas fiestas this year, it'll do. 

It was the Artist's birthday yesterday and for the first time I can ever remember, we didn't have a tree to place his gifts under. A normal birthday....I wonder if he liked it.

 The Artist wants to thin out our little woods and I noticed, a few months ago, a tree with a definite lean to it. We'll be chopping that one down and using the top for our tree this year. We've grown weary of our local Christmas tree farm with its perfect trees and exorbitant prices. I'm digging this year's free and local version. Here's hoping it's not covered in too much ice.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It was while taking a break from painting the other day that I happened to look outside to see the neighbour's dog stalking Miss Pip. While I'm not  certain the dog would harm her, she hasn't harmed any of our free ranging  girls yet, I wasn't about to trust her around such easy prey as our tiny Pippy either. I hightailed  it outside to quickly send her home before I went  to check on Pippy.  I looked inside an old toy barn where I had last seen her headed. 

Um...Pippy....where is the rest of you? What's happened to my l'il chicken?

Oh, there you are! Whew. 

If it wasn't for the fact that she managed to get herself stuck in that window. 
I'd have said my little black and white, brave, molting banty was a clever girl.