About the girl

Hi! I'm Andrea, a former city girl gone country, living in an 1860's Gothic Revival style
farmhouse with my husband, the Artist and our 14 year old kids, the Glimmer Twins.
Life can be pretty cool in a 150 year old farmhouse, and down right chilly come December
but we're slowly renovating this old girl, restoring her to a beauty she hasn't been
accustomed to in quite some time. And just as much as she would like us to focus
all of our attention on her, there is the out of doors that beckons us daily whether
it be gardening, which somedays is just another term for weeding, playing on or around
 our pond...depending on the season, or counting our chickens and ducks as we tuck them into the Rural Roost each night.
So as we attempt to turn our small piece of land into a micro farm, we're trying
 to find the right balance between self-sufficiency and locavism, so that we might
 both lighten our load on mother earth and support our community.

Five years into this country life of ours, I've discovered everything old is new again.
 Making a homemade life for ourselves, we've discovered, from putting up to knitting,
 is where true joy can be found. That and a sweet cup of tea with our own honey.
And while we're on the subject of me, you should know that I spell
 things a little differently than some and I say 'eh' a lot.
I am Canadian.

~Be well friends~