Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Showtime!

The thing I love most about Easter is colour. After a wintry start of red and green, followed by a sea of white for days on end, winter ends it's final days with merciless brown. Brown mud, brown trees, brown leaves, brown lawn, brown flower beds, brown covered cars, brown boots, brown puppy feet, brown paw prints on my jeans..I think you get the point. Then the Easter bunny arrives with a basketful of colour and voila; we're off to the races! Baskets full of colourful goodies, pansies for sale at a road side stand, Easter decorations galore...who could ask for anything more? I'm ready and eager to watch the wave of colours that will be ours to behold for the next six months and the finale in October is a real show stopper!

I hope everyone has had a chance this weekend to dream about the colours that lay in wait for us as the earth slowly comes back to life. I'd like to share some colourful scenes from the old farm taken on this Easter Sunday. My gift to you. Happy Easter.

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