Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bain de Chien

We've had a busy weekend cleaning and clearing out flower beds and working on the garden plot. We never seem to accomplish as much as we want, which is why it wasn't until today that puppy had her first bath. Long overdue, especially considering the fact that she has turned out to be a 'pond' dog. After countless hours of playing in the pond, running in and out of the reeds in the stream like it's all part of an obstacle course, and digging more holes than I care to think about (I prefer to think she's doing some soil testing for our new septic system), she was slightly more than long overdue for a scrub in the tub. In fact, last night as my husband and I watched the movie 'Rob Roy', it wasn't long before the smell that permeated the TV room made us believe we were in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by cattle but alas it was just our little Callie smelling of dead frogs and pond water.

Fortunately, our pup, who enjoys the pond, equally enjoys the bath; water is water as far as she's concerned. She propped her front paws up on the side of the large wash tub my mother-in-law gave us and she let us scrub her clean with great ease. Snoopy could take a lesson from this girl; she did us proud. She is a border collie-lab mix with a very curly coat on her back. Her curls tightened with cleaning, leaving her feeling softer than the day we brought her home; we can't stop petting her! The lavender shampoo my husband bought her is delightful. Tonight we may have to watch Elvis' 'Blue Hawaii', no doubt having Callie in the room with us, it will seem like we really are at a luau. Hhmmm...puppy smell-i-vision...I could be onto something here.

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à la parisienne said...

Thank you for participating in the giveaway! I will enter your name into the drawing 3 times. The pictures of the flowers on your posts are beautiful. I just love this time of year!