Friday, July 31, 2009

First Harvest

I've been on holidays this past week. At the beginning of the week, I had grand dreams of getting things super organized around the house, completing final wedding preparations and blogging til the cows come home. Not surprising, nothing has gone according to plan. Day tripping with the kids has come before organizing closets, taking the kids to the closest pool while I read, read and read some more has been most enjoyable and blogging you ask? Our internet connection is shaky at best and our outdoor modem now loses contact with the nearest cell tower every time it rains. It rained six days straight beginning last Friday; need I say more? I still have cupcakes and flowers to order for the wedding and there's a wee bit of cleaning to get done. Yes, I admit I am a procrastinator. At this point, I doubt that will ever change. I've learned to live with it.

Last night however, things began to look up. While making some guacamole, I decided to see if our first planting of green onions were ready for the picking and luck was on my side. I know, green onions, you say? Nothing very splashy but it's the first year for our garden and the soil will take a few years to get just right and it was a cold spring with a very late heavy frost, so we planted late and we've had mucho rain with little heat. Everything is coming along fairly well, but very slow. After what has felt like an unproductive week, to walk out to the garden grab a couple of onions and some fresh cilantro from the garden was pretty cool and gratifying. I could get used to this.

I'm going to pig out now with my best friend, a bag of organic tortilla chips.


Elle Bee said...

Oh guacamole sounds really good right now. Those green onions look great. Wish I was there sharing that bag of chips with you! Btw, being new to your blog, I don't know when your big day is. Coming soon I gather?

Unknown said...

Elle Bee - Wish you were here too, pigging out is a lot more fun with a friend! The big day is August 22...gulp. Oh my, that would mean it's three weeks away. Super gulp.