Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guessing Game

We attended a street party last weekend. It was in one of those rural-suburb areas where even though you have neighbours, you're still surrounded by cornfields and you can watch a horse graze while having a morning coffee. Beats the city in my books.

We had a wonderful time, visiting with family and friends. There was live music and games for the kids. Thanks to my step-mom there was even some of those old fashioned guessing games where you guess how many items are in the jar, and the closest wins the jar. She had one for the girls, one for the boys and two for the adults and I won one! I'd like to take all the credit for being really good with estimating but I couldn't tell you the difference between 100 metres or 500 metres; so when it comes to guessing how many licorice babies are in a jar, I used a little divine help from my dad. I knew there was at least a hundred, that was the easy part; did I mention I am good at rounding? I took my dads birth year, 1949, added the forty-nine to my one hundred and guessed 149. Later on that evening it was announced I had the closest bid, being only one number away. I put my arms up with glee and sent a little whisper to heaven..'thanks Dad!'

Oh and in case you were wondering, they're really yummy too. I've nibbled away on a couple...or so.

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