Sunday, August 2, 2009

Canadian Gothic

We're now down to less than three weeks before the big day so I thought I would share our wedding invitation with you. My husband took the classic painting, American Gothic and using his computer art skills, replaced the upper body with photos we took of each other. He manipulated the shape of our heads to match the original characters, so while it looks like us, it's not quite us either! We both really liked the idea of this painting because of the Gothic Revival farmhouse in the background; almost just like our old farmhouse. Most of our guests were familiar with the painting and got a big kick out of our adaptation. Thanks Misha for being so patient and there will be more to come!

The actual invitation was printed like a postcard, on the back we included the details, and a photo from our garden that I took this spring. My husband antiqued the look of it without losing all of the colour, the original picture is below. In lieu of gifts, we have asked our guests to make a donation to our wedding garden. I have no idea where this wedding garden will actually be and I'm beginning to realize as each guest RSVP's and asks us exactly what type of garden we're planning that I'm really good at making more work for myself. Darn good, I'd say.

Enjoy your Sunday!


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Wow! I am so excited for the two of you!
Awesome invite, too!

Maybe I should hold a virtual shower for you :) Keep the wedding stuff coming.


Elle Bee said...

That is the most fantastic wedding invitation I've ever layed eyes on!! I love it! You guys are clever, and funny too. Donating to a wedding garden--what a unique and lovely idea. Maybe guests can donate their time in the garden too to relieve you of all the work! :o)

Flat Creek Farm said...

What an awesome invitation! Wow, such an impressive job on the photo/painting artwork. I also hope you will print it out *big* and frame it. That is fantastic, as is the idea of a wedding garden. Please keep us posted, and yes, we love pictures :) Thanks for sharing! -Tammy

Unknown said...

Misha: A virtual shower...that sounds cool!

Linda: We thought about handing each guest a shovel as they arrive, what do you think?!

Tammy: We thought about framing a larger copy too, I think it will make a great keepsake! I'm toying with making a photo wall in the hall leading to our master bedroom..this could work!

Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments. I'm so blessed!