Monday, August 10, 2009

Eat Local!

I received this video from my mom this morning. While it's message is aimed at Canadians, urban Canadians especially, the message is the same for everyone. Choose local, choose fresh and support your local economy in the process. If you missed my previous rant on this topic, you can find it here.

A note of trivia, I live smack dab in the middle of the cities mentioned in this clip, GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and Kitchener- Waterloo. I actually work in K-W and am very familiar with the Ontario portion of this video.


Elle Bee said...

Andrea, I agree wholeheartedly! I mean, I live in the US, but I think buying locally is one of the best things we can do for our planet and for our poor local farmers. There is something very wrong with calling food that has been in a truck for days "fresh"! Good post! Way to increase awareness on this subject.

The Silver Age Sara said...

One of the wonderful things about Vermont is people are very aware of purchasing local products and that includes all kinds of food. I'm giving the extra produce from my garden to the local foodbank. It's just a great idea to support your local economy and do something for the planet.
Thanks so much for sharing this information with everyone.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Wonderful reminders! It's also a timely reminder that I will take the time this week to stop by our local farmers' market. It's on my way home from work - for goodness sake. No excuses! :) -tammy

Jackie said...

This is great post. We have a very active "local foods" movement in our town and a great Farmers Market too. Shopping there is my little contribution to support our local farmers and it's good for us too.

Thanks for following my blog!

Have a good day.