Saturday, August 15, 2009

Library Give-Away...almost

Library book sales are the best...hands down. Hardcover books for $1.50 a piece; you can't beat that. We perused the selection at the local library near our old city home. I think this is about the only thing that draws us back there. It's a beautiful little town, and if I ever have to return to city life some day, this is where I would go. Anyway, there wasn't the assortment of older books that we've come to expect, with that breath taking old book aroma but I'm pretty happy with what I found today.

To satisfy my fall crafty side, I found a book on wreath making, full of different designs, with large colourful photographs. I also found a delightful looking book, a colour dictionary of garden plants. I'm hoping it will tell me the name of the beautiful wildflowers blooming at the side of the old farmhouse, so I don't have to have a mystery flower on the next 'Wordless Wednesday'. We'll see.

I did discover a few older print books including a 1966 printing of The Wind in the Willows and a 1973 Agatha Christie mystery. Pictured beside the wreath book, is a novel called Wyatt's Hurricane by Desmond Bagley, printed in '66 also. I thought it might be something my son would enjoy reading. The book was published for the 'Companion Book Club' in Kent, England and this would have been one of the monthly books distributed to members.

There were two more books that practically jumped into my arms. First, the House at Riverton by Jane Morton. I just finished reading her second novel The Forgotten Garden which was absolutely wonderful. I could not, would not put it down. If you're interested in a synopsis of either book, you should go here. It truly was a delight. The other must have book was Northanger Abbey by none other than Jane Austen. It's not the most beautiful copy but a copy none the less, and I look forward to reading it after the wedding.

There is one more book peeking out from the right side of the wreath book, it looks absolutely delightful and it will be a Christmas gift for someone special, but I must keep it a surprise!

After we left the library, we went for a short walk past our old house. The once lovely raised flower beds were looking woefully neglected. The weeds were taller than any of the flowers. It really was quite depressing to see it in such a state. I guess the old saying is true, you really never can go home again but then again, maybe we never were at home. Home is in the country where we've always been meant to be.


Elle Bee said...

What a great bunch of treasures you found! That garden plants book was a great find.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What fabulous book finds! I have the wreath book, and trust me, I paid much more than $1.50 for it :) I work behind our local library, so now I'm wondering why I don't keep up on their book sales. Silly me!
I'm sure it was a bit depressing to see your old home in not the best shape. But, it does sound like you're truly home now. Enjoy those books! -Tammy

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I love, love book finds! Library sales, used book stores, yard sales...I think you got some awesome finds!
You are so right, you were meant to be in the country. Itis where your family belongs :)

Beth said...

I have that same wreath book! I love making wreaths and just won a ribbon at the county fair with one! What silly fun that was!

Don't you just love bargains? (The Goodwill store is another place with great books and finds!)

I know what you mean about going past your old house. We moved from the country to town several years ago and we drove past the house recently. All the little white picket fence I built and roses I planted were torn down as well as the farm fence for our miniature horses. We cried.

I don't think we will be "visiting" anymore.

One of these days, hopefully, we can "rebuild it...we can make it better than it was before." (Oh, dear, I guess I'm showing my age...that was the intro. to the "Bionic Man...")
Have a lovely yet busy busy busy weekend!