Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Horticultural Offerings

While I continue to wait for more wedding photos to, hopefully, roll in, I thought I would share with you some of the lovely wedding gifts we received. I had mentioned in a previous post that we were planning a wedding garden and we had mentioned to our family and friends that we don't really need any 'things' but a contribution to our garden would be most gratefully welcome and we were blessed. We received three different Hydrangea species from which I plan on drying flowers from each fall, a Bridal wreath Spirea; I have secretly been pining away for a long draping hedge of this on the old farm property, a Sumac which will be a fiery red every autumn marking where dear Chloe rests, and a Rhododendron, a Russian Sage, and a Butterfly Bush, all so gorgeous just seeing them made me giddy! We also received a pink, a white and a blue Rose of Sharon which we plan on planting en mass; they will be splendid together at the height of their bloom. We also received a Hummingbird Summer Sweet. I had never heard of this shrub before but let me tell you, it smells heavenly and was attracting hummingbirds before we had a chance to plant it. We were also fortunate to receive a rain barrel and I'll be off to the garden center to acquire more spirea plantings for that hedge with all the generous gift certificates we received.

While we originally had a wedding garden in mind, I really didn't expect to receive such a lovely assortment of shrubs and considering the size, and sun requirements of each plant we have decided to place them all around the property so that we will have a lovely view and a sweet reminder of our special day from any window in the old farm house.


Unknown said...

Looks like there will be lots of planting going on. I hope you share the photos of your garden as the seasons change.

Anonymous said...

These are abolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

CJ xx

Elle Bee said...

I think that was such a unique idea, and a lovely and lasting reminder of the beauty of your wedding.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a wonderful idea! I love the variety you received, and the Hummingbird Summer Sweet? Never heard of it, but you can bet I will check it out! Can't wait to see your plantings, and updates next year. How beautiful! -Tammy