Friday, September 11, 2009

The Zucchini Solution

It's been a tricky year for our first vegetable garden but some plants have done well, despite the wettest year on record in our area. Our pumpkins and gourds are coming along nicely and the summer squash, well, it grows so fast, I've often wondered if Jack planted them, especially the zucchini. I would check on them, come back in a couple of days, yes, only a couple and they would have tripled in size.

Not being one to reward the compost bins for all my hard work, I had to find something for all these giant zucchini. I received this book from my mom for my birthday...

and found a recipe called 'Giant Stuffed Zucchini'. Yee haw!! I had to give it a try! First thing was to cut the zucchini in half, like this...

Then scoop out the seeds, sprinkle the cavity with wheat germ, then spread a mixture of one egg beaten, crushed garlic and bread crumbs. I have to admit, whenever I get a chance to use wheat germ I go crazy, I love adding wheat germ!

Steam in the oven, over a pan of water, for 20 minutes. (The recipe said 10 minutes but my mother-in-law and I both found it took that long just for the water to get warmed up in the oven.)

While you're steaming your giant zucchini, it's time to prepare the stuffing. Simply warm some oil in a pan and saute whatever vegetables you have on hand with a small amount of tomato paste. I used onions, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, some beans from my mom's garden and cucumber and green pepper from my own.

Once the zucchini shell has steamed long enough, remove from the oven and fill with the stuffing mixture. They suggested sprinkling with chopped walnuts and cheddar cheese. My husband doesn't get along well with all types of nuts (you have to be really nutty to get along with him and walnuts just don't make the grade) so I opted for just some grated cheddar cheese.

Bake in the oven at 350 F on a rack placed over a cookie sheet, steam bath no longer required, for 35 minutes and voila!

There was a fair bit of prep time needed but it was well worth it!

It was yummy!


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Thank you for that recipe, I love stuffed vegetables and this is one which I will definitely try out! Last photo very apetizing!
Have a lovely weekend
Isabelle x

Debbie said...

Anything that has cheese on it is something that I can sign up for.

Elle Bee said...

This looks fantastic! I truly am going to try this. Thank you for the recipe. I'm always trying to find new, good vegetable recipes and this one looks like one my family would really enjoy making and eating together.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oh yum! You got me on this one! I make lasagna with zucchini, substituting the noodles with it. I think I may make this on Monday! Thanks for the recipe. (hubby says thanks too!)

Flat Creek Farm said...

That looks absolutely divine. We don't grow our zucchinis that big - don't know what the problem is. But our neighbors keep offering more and more *huge* zukes. I will definitely take them up on the offer next time and make this. Thank you for the recipe! Yum yum yum! Oh, and I might have to add that book to my ever-growing wishlist as well :) Tammy

Jackie said...

This looks so good! I'm definitely trying this one. We have had so zucchini that big...but not this year for some reason.

Thanks for the recipe!

Flat Creek Farm said...

This has nothing to do with zucchini (but it did remind me I want to try this recipe). Thank you so much for the French translation! Merci beau coup.. and hopefully I didn't slaughter that one too badly. I am still chuckling over the translation of my sister's pillow. Too funny!! This is what happens when you rely on 2 years of French class in high school years ago, and Google translator. Well, I was sorta close? My version was much more interesting anyway.. ha ;-) Thanks again!! -Tammy