Sunday, October 4, 2009


We've been busy, this week, harvesting our successes from our first vegetable garden. While the tomatoes were bust and the watermelon were slowpokes, most everything else did fairly well. And I'm not talking about the zucchini, although we all know how well it grew. My greatest satisfaction came from the heirloom pumpkins and carrots.

The carrots have a unique mellow flavour and they look so yummy in their beautiful shades of yellow, white, and purple. I'd be okay with nary another glance at a regular orange one...would that make me a carrot snob? I hope not, but then again, it wouldn't make me change my mind. I can't wait to serve them up for our Thanksgiving dinner next weekend!

Last fall, we assumed since we were now living in the country, we would stumble across one roadside stand after the next offering us a wide assortment of pumpkins. We were wrong. We drove around one Sunday afternoon, for over an hour and came home empty handed. Sure, we could go to the nearby country market and pay $10 for one pumpkin or to another one who sold them by the pound. Pumpkins by the pound? Not on my budget! We wanted lots of them to decorate our front porch but I wasn't interested in spending $100 to do so. Eventually, one evening we stumbled across a small mom and pop operation who had lots of them, organized by size for an extremely reasonable price. After that adventure, we were determined to grow our own. We figured since we were now living in the country, we'd prefer to stumble across our own sincere patch in our backyard.


Debbie said...

The pumpkins are gorgeous! And for some reason I had no idea that carrots came in any other color than orange.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Wow, those carrots look interesting! I'm sure they are chock full of flavor. And your pumpkins are beautiful! Which heirloom varieties did you try? I need pointers from you :) -Tammy

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Your pumpkins are awesome! What seed company did you use? Ours did marginal, much to J's dismay!
Can't wait to see your front porch decorated for fall!
Blessings, Misha

The Silver Age Sara said...

My pumpkins did really well too and I'm so glad to have them. I love pumpkins and they remind me of fall. Next year, I'm going to grow the exhibition size giants.
Your pumpkins are fantastic. Our tomatoes are gone but our broccoli
Our broccoli is still growing and so our our green peppers and cucumbers in the greenhouse.
Anyway, I just love talking growing veggies and reading about other's experiences.