Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Comfort

We enjoyed a beautiful day today in our neck of the woods, quite warm and sunny for November. It was  a quiet day of reflection and inner solitude around the old farmhouse today; as we come to grips with loss. It makes me wonder how many other losses the old farmhouse has seen over the last 150 years. Even more, I wonder how many have happened within it's walls. I wouldn't doubt that there have been a few, but I would also surmise there have been just as many births within it's domain. We certainly haven't sensed any unsettled souls lurking around the premises over the past year; rather there is a feeling of contentment within it's comforting walls, in spite of the neglect it suffered the last few years.

While hopefully, someday, we will learn the genealogy of the old farmhouse. Today, like most of the farm wives who have come and gone before me, I satisfied my need to keep my family close by plying them with comfort food. This was something my son's grandmother, Gwen, would do. Sunday dinners were always special. She would have made a good farm wife.

Our day began with cinnamon rolls, they were delicious. I tried a new version from the Farm Chicks cookbook. I'll be making them again soon. Real soon.

Our day finished with a roast and Yorkshire pudding.

Gwen taught me how to make them. I had never tried them before I met her, and while mine will never reach the heights hers did, they were pretty darn tasty. Best of all, they were a little reminder of Grandma for my son.


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

What a sweet mommy you are to think of this for your son. I know she was smiling as you were cooking!
I love researching old homes. In both old houses I have owned before this one, it was incredible how close the people who built them resembled my own life. One was a 1910 Craftsman. They never had children. The second was built in 1879, they also never had children! Many more odd things close to our own lives!
I hope the coming days give you and your son a little peace and the realization that Gwen is always with you. That is why we treasure memories..
Love, Misha

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Treasuring the memories, like you are doing, is the best medicine for grief. Oh and food helps too.

Debbie said...

Isn't there something just so homey about Yorkshire pudding. And if you like that then you have to try popovers. We can't get enough of their eggy goodness.

Unknown said...

I'm very sorry for your son's loss. I'm sure he will appreciate your efforts.

June said...

I'm sorry for your loss. We too have been comforting ourselves with cinnamon rolls lately. The rhythms of the home bring such solace.