Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Snow!

We had our first significant snowfall this evening. It's too dark for photos, so I hope you'll enjoy this sampling of the Artist's handiwork instead.

The Artist painted this picture for our Christmas card last year. All year long, I have had this card sitting on my desk at work. I look at it throughout the day, wishing and dreaming of being at home but I also know that soon enough I'll be out of the city and back in the country again. Once I'm home, I never want to leave. Ever. And yes, that is the old farmhouse, and on the left edge of the painting beyond the driveway is our pond, which we might just be able to skate on in time for Christmas.

Oh, the inside of the card reads, 'The ornaments of our house are the guests who frequent it'. I feel quite the same way about all of my guests here, whether you make a peep or not, you make this blog come to life.

Thank you friends!


Elle Bee said...

Okay, now I see why he's called The Artist. That is sooooo amazing! It's truly a magical painting, and I'd like to hop right into it and live there!

Flat Creek Farm said...

The Artist is incredibly talented. Love that painting! And how special to have it for your Christmas cards.

I am the same way. Longing for home... longing for the country when I am not there. Sitting at work, looking at my screensaver of 'home pictures'... just wanting to go home. Thanks for making me feel better about it :) -Tammy

BB said...

Gosh I LOVE this card - your Artist is amazing!! My first visit, but I doubt it will be my last...

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Just beautiful! Oh, to have talent like that!
I would love to view more of his work :)
I ordered snow for you over a week ago; glad it finally arrived!

Unknown said...

Our first snow was last week (the 9th). We got close to 12 cm, then rain and we ended up with frozen snow! Since then, a couple of light dustings, including tonight and last night.
The artist is very talented.

Girl Tornado said...

We still have not received our first snow, but they're forecasting a big one for Tues/Weds... we shall see!

Your artist husband is amazing... I totally love his style. I would love to see more of his art. And wish, oh I wish I could paint or draw like that!!!

I count the hours at work too, waiting til that moment when I can leave and be back home in my country quiet world. :)

Lynne said...

I like the artists touch, very, very much!
It makes me want to walk up the front door . . through.
And stay . . .

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Love that painting! How beautiful!