Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Through the Woods to Grandmother's House

We're going on a walk through the woods behind the old farmhouse, would you care to join us?

It's time to come out of your manger Callie; you'll be happy to know we're going on a hike today.

A new trail was cut this fall, making it easier to find our way through the woods.

My, oh my, someone's been very busy.

Did someone hear a squirrel?

Here we are at grandmother's house, or is it...

 The mailbox is decorated for Christmas, but it doesn't look at all friendly, does it Callie?
 No, as a matter of fact, it looks down right intimidating.

There is no one about, but they might return soon, the laundry is dry. Inside, lay a pile of rusty old sap buckets, a half can of gasoline and a decoy keeping sentry at every window.

It all seems a bit strange, but it was this sight that has Callie's paws all a shakin'.

Here's a closer view, just in case you forgot to bring your glasses with you.

One glance at this place and Callie has high tailed it out of here. No pun intended. Maybe.

Let's follow the creek to find our way home. It leads to our favourite summer time place.
No, silly, not the hunter's blind. We stay out of the woods during huntin' season but all along the creek beneath the blind is the biggest wild raspberry patch you've ever feasted your eyes upon. We'll go back in the summer. Promise.

What's that Callie? A warm fire is waiting for us, just over that hill?

 Well I'll be darned, there it is in all it's rustic glory, the old farmhouse. What a welcome sight!
Thanks for joining us on our walk today and we hope you'll join us again.

Be well friends!


Unknown said...

Oh Andrea, you live on such beautiful property. We dream of a place like that for the boys to run around. Hope you enjoy your New Year's.

City Hen said...

OH, that was FUN!!

Elle Bee said...

I'd take that walk with you any day! But I'd stay away from the creepy shack. ;o)

Tracy said...

I've just found your blog and am really enjoying it. I want to live in the country so bad I can taste it! But, alas, I'm stuck in the suburbs. So...I'm learning to find the country everywhere I can around here..including getting chickens even though we aren't supposed to have them. Take that city hall!! :))