Saturday, January 9, 2010

City Hen!

My apologies, I had my morning coffee, long ago.

I think I need another.

I've been busy purging the house of Christmas.

I know, it's long overdue.

My family has forsaken me for the pond. So I was on my own for the draw.

I grabbed the male twin's hat.

It's warm. Doesn't it look warm?

I think I'll ask Santa for one next year.

I threw all the names into a hat, twice if you're a follower. Most of you are and let's just be clear, I love you for it.

As you can see, I really mixed it up and no I wasn't peaking, the sun was too darn bright.

Did I just say that, in January?

The winner is Rhonda, from City Hen!

City Hen is a new blog I discovered just before Christmas. She and her husband own and run several coffee shops in Poland. I've seen photos of her shop and boy is it cozy. I wish I could drop by in person for some java, but instead I just pretend. Rhonda is up before the rooster, or it could be the time difference but I look forward to her comments each morning when I get up before the rooster but never my cat.

Rhonda, I told you I would be happy to mail something to Poland, and now I can for the first time ever. I never thought I'd get this close to Poland!

Please let me know your book choice and of course, your mailing info.

Thank you to everyone for entering, becoming a follower and voting on the button.

It was fairly close, but the picture with me in front of the old farmhouse won.

Be well friends and stay warm!


Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

Congratulations Rhonda! Love the hat by the way....

Flat Creek Farm said...

Congrats to Rhonda/City Hen! I'm off to check out her blog. Love that hat. I need one of those right now :) -Tammy

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I missed it....:(
I have been dealing with snow, ice, snow, ice. We just are not equipped here in the mopuntains for all this! Our pipes are frozen, I have not done laundry in 5 days, and the horses are FRISKY!!
Congrats to City Hen!! I need to add this blog to my list!
xo, misha

Dog Trot Farm said...

Congrats to City Hen, I shall check out her blog. One defiantly needs a hat like your's for hen keeping first thing in the COLD, did I say COLD, mornings!

Elle Bee said...

Congratulations to Rhonda. City Hen sounds like an interesting blog.

City Hen said...

YOU MADE ME CRY! I love the giveaway but all the nice stuff you said about my blog made me a bit teary! :)
Thanks for the giveaway, what a sweet and generous person you are! I am also happy that the picture of you in front of the farmhouse won! You can tell "the artist" that they were both wonderful.
You have become part of my morning ritual and I so appreciate your blog. If I didnt live in Poland I would want to be your neighbor!
Love your blog and LOVE YOU!!
Let me know how to get my mailing info to you. I LOVE packages!!

Jenny said...

Congratulations Rhonda

City Hen said...

Hey Andrea:
Can you tell your mom I sent her a big hello from Poland. She left me a comment and I so appreciate it!
Love ya!

Jackie said...

Congratulations to City Hen...can't wait to check out her blog!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh Congrats Rhonda!!