Monday, January 18, 2010

Fire Starters

So I wasn't a complete slacker this past weekend.

The Artist and I made our own fire starters for the wood stoves.

Yes, we can buy a package of compressed wood chips with wax at the dollar store but why spend the dough when everything you need is in the trash or it would be.

Start with candle remnants

They weren't hard to find.

Jayme, please consider this number one of ten kitchen items to be purged for simplicity and the love of frugalicious domesticity.

Then grab those leftover egg cartons.

Fill them up with dryer lint that you've been saving, for a rainy day?

Melt those candles. Come on, I know that's why you're here.

Now carefully, pour the wax over the lint. This is where, if you're not pouring the hot wax, it's a good idea not to give instructions on how to pour. It could cause confusion and the person pouring the wax, may offer to take the photos instead. I just want to be clear on that one; I wouldn't want to be the cause of any wax mishaps in the kitchen.

Also, big pots don't always pour really well. This old pot has been sitting in the cupboard unused since we moved into the old farmhouse. Jayme, please consider this item number 2. I will be scouring Value Village in the weeks to come to look for an old coffee pot that I can put on the burner to melt the wax and with it's spout, will make pouring a breeze. I know it will work much better than an empty juice can. I just know it.

Oh and I can use it for making my own candles.
No uni-taskers lurking here!

Seriously folks, this took us about 15 minutes to make these and only because there was mucho discussion on how much lint to put in each cup, whether we would cut them or rip them apart and that whole issue with the wax. Next time, it will only take me 10 minutes.

So there you have it. They work well, I've saved three different items from the trash or recycling and I've saved a few bucks.

And a note to my stalker, should you read this post, please save me all of your dryer lint, egg cartons and candle remnants. Much appreciated.

Be well friends!


Deb said...

I just read your comment on the Chicken coop gal about smelly towels. I have an HE washer too and I find if I rinse the towels twice that takes care of the smell. hope this helps!

Anna Larson said...

Cool Idea, problem is I don't have any leftover egg cartons ever because I recycle them with all my chickens that lay eggs. I"m going to have to find something different to hold the lint and wax

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

And I take it, your stalkers name is

I am showing this to J! We just got our 2cd box of fatwood $$ for the winter. Maybe this could be our alternative!
xo, misha

City Hen said...

Hahahahaha! I love this idea! How great! Plus if you use scented candles you get a fresh scent when you light the fire! One tip: I would use a pyrex glass measuring cup to microwave the wax, and with its pour spout you are in business!
You are the best!

Unknown said...

Great idea - I have lots of all three around here! My girls will love making these for me.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do not melt wax in your microwave oven!! Wax is an oil-based product (paraffin) and has a flashpoint - reach it and there goes the wax, the microwave, and possibly the kitchen! You could use an old electric crockpot on low. And while on the subject...from now on when you purchase candles look for non-toxic soy candles.
In lieu of paper egg cartons, pick up a few old muffin tins at garage sales...once the fire starters are hard, just set the muffin tin in some hot water in the sink for a couple of minutes, just long enough to easily remove the starters.
I'll be saving you my dryer lint....did you know you can make paper out of dryer lint? Nice handmade paper for making your own greeting cards!

Catherine said...

very good idea! i can use the rest of my scented candles too! (thanks for coming;i can't stop crocheting myself now, but the begining was...hard inded! catherine

Unknown said...

Deb..thanks for the tip, I WILL definitely try this. I am so tired of smelly towels!

Dunappy...Oh I can't wait until I have the same problem! See my mom's suggestion above, I think she's on to something! How many chickens do you have?

Misha...she got a big kick out your stalker comment..and so a nickname is born! : )

Rhonda..yes, but don't do what we did and mix scents. My son complained the kitchen smelled, really bad, afterwards.

Amy...Always happy to hear when something will be reused!

Mom...Great ideas and the Artist wanted to use the microwave but I wanted the fun of watching the wax melt!

Catherine...Yes, it is hard, but I'm persevering. Practice makes perfect!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I have lots of unused candle remnants for you and will work on saving the cartons and lint as well! Might as well contribute seeing as I get to enjoy those fires every now and again. Moe

Genny said...

Did you just put the wax pot on the stove to melt, or was it a double boiler type thing. I HAVE to try these. They're so easy and perfect for starting fires.