Friday, February 12, 2010

Country Hideaway

Moving to the country, I knew, would allow me to get my fill of old barns and tractors, view beautiful farmhouses and their gardens and drive along windy roads cloaked by large, stately trees. Sometimes, however, I'm surprised and happy when I discover a hidden gem in the country that I hadn't ever contemplated of dreaming about before.

Over the Christmas holidays, we visited a little pottery shop down the highway from our nearby village. I don't know about you but I love pottery. I really admire anyone who can create such beautiful objects on a wheel that spins and then decorate them in beautiful and creative displays of colour. Pottery also has a certain old world charm to it; I can image the old farmhouse has seen lots of pottery in it's time.
My original commute, when we first moved to the old farmhouse, took me past this little shop every day. In the winter, it was still dark in the morning and I loved to see their spectacular Christmas light display; plus they helped me find my turn as I navigated those back roads for the first time.
Inside the studio, there are three large rooms with lots of work on display although it is rather pricey; I spent most of my time admiring the seconds shelf. This wasn't the surprise though. I knew this shop was here, long before we packed our bags and headed off for country living. No, what surprised me, was the genteel, charming cafe attached to the studio. We went for lunch and this was the view from my seat.
Beautiful stained glass windows, charming Christmas decorations and look at the tables. Everything is pottery, made right there at the studio. See the wine goblets? Coffee mugs, plates, bowls, the cutest little was all pottery.
On a cold winter's day, I had the best seat in the house.
Look..pottery salt and pepper shakers, and a little jar of sugar, I believe. My iced tea was rimmed with a large band of sugar; it was very tasty. And the food you ask? I do need to get over my thing of photographing my food because you really should have seen it. Their specialty is quiche and it was amazing. I've never had the urge to make quiche before. Now I want to eat quiche every day. I need chickens. Sigh.

Afterward, we toured the grounds. A return trip in the summer to view the gardens is a must. Look at this charming fountain.
 They had raised beds where they grow all of their own herbs for the cafe and they buy all of their produce, including eggs from local farms and I so love that.
Is there a little place you drive by and always say to yourself, I should go in their some day? If there is, I urge you to pop inside, even for a little visit. Who knows how delighted you may be if you do.

Thanks for visiting friends,


Deb said...

What a sweet place!

City Hen said...

Oh I love it! How lucky you are...

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Oh my goodness, Oh My Goodness, OH MY GOODNESS. What a fantastic post. LOVE everything about it. Andrea, love how you capture so much in this post. The little landmark you used to find your way and how it revealed such a treasure to you. The pottery I LOVE. Years ago, my hubby went for a job interview. The owners of the company had us to their home for dinner. They had an entire table setting of custom pottery. Wine goblets, everything. I have wanted similar ever since. THIS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL POST! Thank you. -hugs

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Thank goodness.
I was here last night, right after you posted and could not get comments to work :(

I tried, over and over...
Well, now I feel better. I needed to comment and I felt a panic because YOU did not know I was knocking at your door!

Adorable place. My kinda place. I cannot wait to see it in spring!

And yes. get over the food thing. Next time, we need a pic, Andrea! It's not like you eat with your mouth open or it?!

Happy Valentines Day!
xo, misha

p.s. watching your beautiful country on the Olympics!

Flat Creek Farm said...

You're so lucky to have such a place nearby! Those windows are simply stunning. I could sit by them all day long and have hot cocoa or coffee. We have some nice little shops in our area. Since you prodded me, I think I'll venture off to one in the next week or so. If I *must* :) Thanks for sharing this awesome treasure! -Tammy