Monday, February 22, 2010

Thrifty Farmhouse

I thought I would share last weeks finds...old castoffs are new additions to the old farmhouse. I think that's what I like most about thrifting. Yes, the prices are good but in my books, reusing is so much better than always buying new. I guess that explains why I live in a 150 year old home.
A soft butter yellow quilt for $5.
And do you see those bunnies?
$1 for the pair.
 Care for a closer look?
 Easter Glimmer twins for the old farmhouse.

 Be well friends.


Jackie said...

Thrifting is so much fun...kind of like an adventure. $5 for a quilt? That is a huge bargain. I love the soft butter yellow. Great finds.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I let out a huge gasp when I saw the quilt. LOVE it!!!
But, those bunnies. Oy, they are adorable :)

You did good!


Elle Bee said...

Gorgeous quilt Andrea! The bunnies are so sweet too. I love reusing & repurposing too! 'Course, I pretty much new that about you--we have a few things in common like that! :o)

city hen said...

$5!!!!! No way!
Lucky girl.
I was going to the flea market on Sunday but I caught a cold and had to stay inside. :(
My new place is too small for new finds, or so the hubby thinks! Hahahaha!

Girl Tornado said...

I have got to find some thrift stores around here... that quilt is bee-U-tee-full and those bunnies are absolutely adorable. That's almost free in my book!! :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

You got that quilt for $5.00? I'm green with envy!

Deb said...

That quilt is gorgeous! Only $5.00, wow! Those bunnies are sweet too.

Flat Creek Farm said...

The quilt - oh my goodness! $5! What a steal! And those bunnies are just adorable. Andrea, you are a great thrifter :) -Tammy

Genny said...

Great finds! I can't believe you got that wonderful stash for only $6 total! Good for you.

Joan said...

$5?!?! What a steal! Beautiful quilt!