Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

 Drum roll please.... the winner of my follower thank you giveaway!
 Amy has recently completed a blog makeover moving from River Rock Cottage to Homestead Revival. Her mission statement says it all..
The mission of Homestead Revival is to encourage women to return to the joy of keeping a home, to get back to the basics of living closer to the land, family, and community, as well as to educate and leave a legacy for the next generation of homesteaders!

Recently moving to the country myself, I find her ideas and knowledge, useful and inspiring. Nothing is nearer to my heart than a local, sustainable food chain, returning to the forgotten 'chores' in the kitchen of past farm wives and learning how to make a home made life with my family.

Can I tell you something else about Amy?

When she was creating her new blog and mulling over what to call it, she wrote me and asked if I would mind if she used the word Revival. You could have knocked me over with a chicken feather. The fact that she would take the time to ask if I minded tells me a lot about who she is. So if you haven't visited Amy yet, what are you waiting for? Get yourself on over and say hola to my revival hermana.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. This is the Alhambra, the grandest of castles built by the Moors in Granada, Spain.
At the very top of my destination list. What's on yours?

Amy, I know you know how to reach me! Send me your mailing info when you have a chance, please and thanks.

Be well friends


Unknown said...

How sweet. I will definitely check out Amy's blog.
I don't grow anything as our lot is small, but I do try to buy local as much as possible. Keeping my family (and extended family) supplied with home baking and jam takes up a lot of my time but it is something that gives me pleasure.

Unknown said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks, Andrea!! And I am so humbled by your kind words - you truly made my day! And thanks for spreading the word about Homestead Revival.