Thursday, March 25, 2010

House on the Hill

 I thought I'd share with you some of the Artist's handiwork.
It's called House on the Hill and like a lot of his paintings, is a rural setting.

He probably wouldn't want me to tell you this, but he won an award for this painting. He's not one to toot his own horn. He'll never mention to a house guest that the art around the farmhouse was done by him. Only when someone with an eye for art brings it up does he admit the work is his. I on the other hand, will tell just about anyone who will listen. I can only dream of having that kind of talent. 

I'd love to cross the little foot bridge and climb up the hill and explore that barn. I have a feeling it's full of treasures.

Be well friends,


Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Oh My! What a talent! I love this little house on the hill. Wonderful!

Deb said...

It's a wonderful painting!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Wow! Talent is not even a word to describe it!

I would just love to see more of his work.
Or maybe a tour of his art in your home?

Hey, I just did your next two blog posts for you! Ha!

Have fun thrifting at lunch tomorrow :)

xo, misha

Unknown said...

Oh, wow! That IS good! And the colors! I bet he did your blog button, too? Your home must be beautiful, filled with all that lovely art work.

Debbie said...

I absolutely LOVE that painting!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Love it! He is so very talented, and I would love to see more of his work. Need to catch up with all my blog buddies. Missed ya! :) -Tammy

Jackie said...

Hi Andrea. I love this painting. Please show us more!


Genny said...

What a beautiful painting. He should talk about his work. He has incredible talent. I want to LIVE on that little dirt road and explore that barn.

Cheryl said...

Wow!!! That is absolutely beautiful!!!

Brian, Erin, Caleb, and Connor said...

Your husband's painting is absolutely beautiful. The whimsical slant of the trees and the unexpected reversed curve of the sky make it feel like a magical place - a place I want to be!

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said... reminds me of one of our favorite children's books, The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. It begins "Once upon a time there was a Little House way out in the country. She was a pretty Little House and she was strong and well built." I get a bit teary every time I read it...a sweet story with a happy ending. Maybe you can find it.

Elle Bee said...

I'm with Misha, can we have an art tour of your home?! He's got amazing talent! It's a beautiful painting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea - My name is Janice and this is my first visit. I saw your post on my daughter's blog (Bella Della Farm). I just love your husband's painting. It is beautiful. Does he sell any of his work? This sure is one that I would buy:>). Well, I am going to go visit some of your older post. Will stop by another day.

Have a nice week!
Janice (

Dandy said...

That is a-maz-ing and I'll spend the rest of the afternoon day dreaming about it. I love that it draws you in that way. The colors are just so surreal and fantastic.

The Silver Age Sara said...

Oh, please, please tell me he sells his work. I would be very interested if he does. This painting absolutely speaks to my heart.