Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Muddy Sunday

We've had warm days around the old farmhouse this past week. Sunny days tempered with rain this weekend. Lots and lots of rain. Last night it was raining sideways! We woke up to find the outer boundaries of the pond pushed the furthest we have yet to see them in the last year and a half. 
The ditch across the road has become a fast moving creek, almost at road level. We were concerned the road might flood overnight but the water has been flowing away from us into a swampy area across the road. Our pond has also been feeding this area; and there is a lot of ice to melt. Any one daring to walk in those woods better have a good pair of hip waders or a hovercraft.
So, what do you do, in the country, when being outdoors will only cause you to look like this?
Why not stay indoors, in front of a warm fire, with a plate of cheese and crackers, a glass of wine and a good game of Scrabble. I suggested we have a match with only country themed words but the Artist was nonplussed about the whole idea. I think he felt threatened by my suggestion.
We're evenly matched when it comes to Scrabble, and very competitive; he says we could go far with his strategy and my spelling. He likes to confine the game to half the board or less which pretty much drives me insane and he almost always gets the triple word score, simply by wearing me down. I get bored when it takes him fifteen minutes to play his word. I, on the other hand, constantly challenge his word choices. Today it was dito and afix. I wasn't buying either one of those. He does try to challenge me but I don't know why. Today he challenged reek and ye, and he lost. Do you think it's mean not to tell him I received straight A's for spelling in grade school?

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday friends!


Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

LOL You GO girl!!!!! Good for you for challenging think they're so smart sometimes. Looks like it will be a while until your water goes down.I remember growing up as a kid in Manitoba all the water sitting on top of ice...seemed like it would never go away. Our soil is so sandy here on the farm the water drains away pretty quickly...we may not like that when it comes to watering gardens when we finally get some! Oh well. I hope you have a wonderful week! Take care. Maura

Unknown said...

I started laughing as soon as I saw the post title, Sunday Muddy Sunday. I know exactly what you mean. It rained all day and night here too. I could hear the rain hitting the skylights and then other windows with the wind gusts. We won't venture into the yard until it dries up, a lot!
Oh, hubby wouldn't dream of playing Scrabble with me. He went to school in a one room school house, very simple upbringing, and spelling is painful for him. Thankfully it didn't stop him from reading endless piles of kids books to our boys and our nieces and nephews.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

No, it's not mean. I do believe the Artist is feeling threatened by your suggestion.

He should be hanging his head!

Thanks so much for your sweet words about Robin. I appreciate you more than you know!
xo, misha

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

We are living in a mudhole here too! Despite the nice-ish temperatures outside, there's nothing to do, it's all too danged muddy. I hate seeing the chickens feet so dirty. We just stayed in as well.....didn't have wine and cheese though!

Debbie said...

Ah dogs and Spring...a combination sure to mean that I am cleaning my floors constantly.

ain't for city gals said...

I know what you mean about waiting 15 minutes for the word...drives me nuts..I'm like you either have it or you don't. We finally bought a little sand got three minutes, buddy!!

Unknown said...

Scrabble is my FAVORITE game to play, but my husband (who's IQ is probably double mine) takes forever to play a word, too. But then he is slow and methodical at everything he does. It's in his nature.

Word of caution: Don't every give your scrabble friends a calendar with strategic tips. I did and my friend now has an edge over me! (We're very competitive!)

Girl Tornado said...

Yay Andrea! I would slay my husband at Scrabble as I got A's in spelling and grammar, AND I was the spelling bee queen when I was in 6th grade... I won the school be and the district bee. Woohoo!

I'm with Ain't for City Gals... you either have a word or you don't, so play it NOW! LOL

By the way, that is one mean-lookin' ditch across the street with all that water!