Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why I Moved to the Country: Reason #81

While I may not have been aware of them beforehand, there are reasons for moving to the country that have become apparent since moving into the old farmhouse. When I was still a city girl with a heart yearning for the country, my sense of music taste remained that of a city slicker. Firmly planted. No budging this girl. My standard answer was 'anything but country and rap, please and thank you very much'. Well, the rap thing hasn't changed, at least the profanity laden stuff, but, oh, you know where I'm going with this don't you? No fooling you.

I told you moving to the country was starting to change me. When you're surrounded by nature, when you feel like you're on vacation just by pulling in the drive, when life is set to a relaxing pace of weed pulling in the summer and crocheting in the winter, you want your music to reflect that pace. Then you hear about this movie and it's Golden Globe winning soundtrack and you just have to order it from the library. Just to have a little listen and see if those foreign press correspondents really know what they're talking about. Or not. 
I had my doubts. Jeff Bridges can sing? Really? Let me tell you, the Dude's deep, rich voice translates him into a resonating and soulful master of melodies. I forget who is singing and get lost in all of the tracks he sings. I'm sure T-Bone has a little to do with it. I really like T-Bone. I really love T-Bone's sound. If Meryl can change her name to T-Bone then I want to too. 

There are some other delights on this CD from Buck Owens' "Hello Trouble" which I think was written especially for me and my conspiring onions to "Once A Gambler", by the late Lightnin Hopkins, the world's most prolific recording bluesman. Halfway through the album, I heard a man begin singing whose voice seemed oddly familiar. How could that be? Then I remembered where I had heard him before. It was here.
That's right, I recognized Waylon Jennings voice. If you think that's weird, because I sure did, things became even more odd. I heard another guy sing, an Irish bad boy, who doesn't sound half bad, maybe even better than that, while singing a country tune. Quite a catchy tune too. 
Yup, Colin Farrell, and I think I have included gratuitous photos for all age groups.
Happy to oblige.

Crazy Heart...this girl is stuck on a little crazy heart. Crazy heart and barnheart. Not a bad combination for a new country girl. I'm enjoying it. 

Moving to the country and becoming a country girl.
What can I say?

Be well friends and since everyone likes to share their music, what country music tastes do you have to offer to this new country girl? Please, go easy on me.


Unknown said...

Have you heard of the line from an old song, "I was country, when country wasn't cool." I knew at 12 and nothing could change this city girl's mind. Country is my genre, new country (but I do like a little old rock). I wouldn't recognize most movie stars or pop stars, have never watched American Idol or whatever, but hubby knows I would only leave him for one man, George Strait. Even the kids joke about it. I prefer new country, and like a little twang sometimes like Lady Antebellum.

Deb said...

This is so weird, my husband hated country music with a passion until we moved to the country! That must be the key then, a move to the country. I myself like- oh my, I can't think of his name but he's Nicole Kidman's husband. That album sounds really interesting, I'll have to give it a listen.

Debbie said...

Ohhh, country music. How I love it. I tend to swing towards Brad Paisley myself with some Rascal Flatts thrown in. But I would say that I love Bluegrass more. Oh how Bluegrass music makes my heart go pitter patter.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You may know that growing up I hated country music too...and now I love the music of Jimmie Rodgers (the "Father of Country Music"), Patsy Cline (and early kd lang), Hank Williams, and Hank Snow (Canadian). Good thing our tastes change as we "mature"!
love, mom

Flat Creek Farm said...

Andrea, thanks for the nice start to my day. Great pictures :) :) :) Oops, got distracted there, but wanted to add - check out some more classic country from way back when (Buck is a good start). If you listen to Waylon, you have to have a little Willie (Nelson) too. And Johnny Cash is a must. Some of today's country is ok, but I'm more partial to the classics. I adore acoustic bluegrass as well (fiddle, banjo, etc). Not so much on the twangy bluegrass singing (most of it). I love most everything musical though. Did I mention I also adore ACDC & Opera? And about everything in between? I'm just a mess :) -Tammy p.s. I'm gonna check out that soundtrack! And movie - soon I hope.

Joan said...

Mmm, mmm, mmm ... thanks so much for being so obliging with that Irish bad boy! Ü! I'm still a rock solid rocker here, I even like the really heavy metal stuff (needless to say your stalker & I don't have the tunes on whilst car-pooling!) ... but I'm with you all the way on the rap.

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

I was raised on country music in the heart of Chicago. My parents were both from the south. I grew up with Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Conway Tweety! I don't listen to country music now, but when I go to Missouri, as I do often, I always listen to country music on the drive. Love Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood...some older music but awesome, is EmmyLou Harris. I bet you'd like her.