Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fait Accompli

 It is finished.

After three and a quarter years, 
or if you'd prefer, (and I do), after thirty-nine months, and ten courses, 
I have completed my French 'certification'. 

Am I bilingual?

Only if my French teacher, the same gentleman all these years, speaks to me in his slow, familiar accent.

I can, however, read my son's assignments, help him when he's stuck on a homework problem, and read both sides of all packaged foods. (Remember, I'm in Canada, everything is in English and French.)

While I will miss my teacher and classmates, I am looking forward to spending my Saturday mornings around the old farmhouse, rather than making a mad dash out the door. I have enough of that Monday through Friday, thank you very much.

I have also accomplished one of my winter 'hibernation' goals.

I purchased a beginner/easy crochet booklet after Christmas and plan on stitching my way through the all of it. The hat and scarf were the two beginner patterns and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed making them. I'll take one hook over two needles any day! I'm now on my first easy pattern and I may still be working on said pattern the next time our magnolia tree is in bloom. Who writes these patterns, anyway?

Another accomplishment around the old farmhouse was discovered yesterday, by Whiskers. It hasn't quite warmed up enough to her Lady's satisfaction for outdoor adventuring but she has taken somewhat of an interest in the out of doors. She alerted the Artist to this...
~Un nid ~
That's French for nest. Hey, can't a girl show off 39 months of French lessons?

The weird thing about the nest? Because, really, what's so odd about a bird's nest, in the country no less?

How about it's location?
In our spring wreath, on our front door. 
It may have been there awhile, we're not sure. I think it was built by robins. We have a lot of robins.
These guys are masters of disguise. Not unlike myself, if I were in France. Ha!

~Be well friends~


ain't for city gals said...

WOW..Congrats on your accomplishments ...good for you!! Read your comment on The Other Boleyn Girl..definitely read the book much better than the movie!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Good for you! No matter how long it did it:)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Congratulations on your French certification, Andrea. And also on your crochet project. Well done!

Love the nest location in that gorgeous Spring wreath. Happy happy Spring! -Tammy

Deb said...

Congrats on your French! That nest is amazing!

Cheryl said...

Oh wow good for you! I'd love to speak French. The flowering tree is lovely.
What a brave little bird to build a nest on a wreath. I'd also like to learn to patience.

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

WOOHOOO Congratulations Andrea!!! Wow that's quite the accomplishment 39 months of French lessons. I really wish that in Canada they would not just start us off learning French in Kindergarten but keep us going with serious French classes in school all the way through to graduation so that when we graduate we are truely bilingual. Good for you for doing this on your own!! Good luck and have fun with your crocheting and I love that nest in your door cool is that! Have a great day.....MauraXX

Unknown said...

Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment and commitment (both the francais and the crochet.) Be sure to give yourself lots of opportunities to use your French.
Let me know if the pattern seems hard, I might be able to talk you through it.