Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mystery Solved!

Remember these?
Of course you do. How could you forget a mystery full of intrigue and, and, um, and mystery?

It seems my mom and I weren't the only ones stumped. However, you guys came up with some inspiring ideas, from false teeth to hidden cameras but it was Connie from Hartwood Roses who solved the puzzle for us.

Connie stated, "They're part of a do-it-yourself purse. I'm flashing back to the 70's with this one, and I can't remember exactly how they work. I know that the wood parts slip through a casing at the top of each side of the purse, and the strap goes through the holes. All I can bring up is a vague mental picture. Anyone remember this any better?"

Connie, by the way, is your go to lady for roses; be sure to pay her a visit. I plan on reading all of her posts on climbers once I'm ready to plant around the old farmhouse!

Here's what my mom had to say about the whole enchilada:

Hi Connie at Hartwood Roses! I think you've hit the nail on the head! The "sticks" did belong to an elderly lady who made a couple of handbags (as well as beautifully tailored suits)...mystery solved! I know this wasn't a give-away, but if you'd like to leave Andrea your address, I have just finished knitting a dish cloth (thanks to Deb at Homespun Living for the pattern) that I would be happy to send to you for solving the mystery.

I tried finding an image of a purse made with handles like these, but most examples were made with metal frames but I did find this photo.
I believe the black purse, hiding behind the yellow and white handbag in this photo has wooden handles similar to the ones my mom discovered; however, this purse doesn't make use of straps.

Thanks Connie for helping us out and if you would like to email me your address at my mom would love to send you a little thank you gift!

~Be well friends~


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

This is how stalkers weave their way into our worlds...they give gifts!
I am thinking this stalker needs a blog of ones' own!
"The Anonymous Stalker"
aka Mom to Andrea

Go ahead-set it up for her. I bet she flies with it!

I never, in a million years, would have guessed that! For purses!

To answer your question a while back (I am so late with stuff!) J is adding on to his BS with 2 more years in Solar/ Diesel energy. This is the last week for winter semester, then he is off for ONLY one week and summer semester starts!
He will be busy around the farm next week for sure. Fertilizing/limeimg the pastures is due. And we have to get Annie weaned :(
Email if you want about the Artist!!

xo, misha
Have a great

Dandy said...

I'm impressed!

Unknown said...

Neat!! :-)

Unknown said...

Ah, love a good mystery, but even more when it is solved.

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

I would have never thunk it.

Elle Bee said...

Ah! Mystery solved! That was interesting!