Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fine Fresh Fiddleheads

 This fine feline would like to fill you in on the fun fellowship that's been happening at the farmhouse.
You see, we've been busy fiddlin' around these parts lately.

Fiddlehead'n, that is, with Fiddlehead Ferns.

You see it all started when I told the Artist that I wanted to eat asparagus and fiddleheads every day while they're in season. Fiddleheads have an exceptionally quick season. So fast, in fact, that last year I only had the chance to taste them once, then presto, they were gone. Having pined after them for an entire year, I wasn't going to let that situation play out all over again. 

We've been far away in fantasies of food fixins, of the fiddlehead sort. 
They fare very well with asparagus, steamed with lemon juice,

or fried in butter and garlic,
 and maybe with some shrimp,

 along with some pasta.
Or maybe a steak would be fine?
Don't forget the first meal of the day, breakfast! 
There's no better way to start the day than with a fiddlehead and asparagus omelette.
But sorry, I didn't get a picture. Time is a precious commodity at five thirty in the morning.
As a matter of fact, frauline, yes I do. Now where was I? 
How about fiddleheads and pasta with pesto formulated by the Artist last fall.
And, of course, it wouldn't be right to finish off the final day of the week, Friday, without our regular flat bread, also known as pizza and this was the grand finale.
It was fantastic.
Unless you're a finicky fusspot.
In that case, you go straight to the Friday night film fest. 
Now playing...

I would never do a thing like that!


This post is brought to you by the letter F for the full entertainment of Dandy,  and her husband B, over at Spontaneous Clapping, who were curious back in March, after visiting the Ferry Building in San Francisco, if anyone had ever actually tried Fiddleheads.

I believe her question has been FulFilled.

And with that, I will Finish while I'm ahead....

...this is addictive.

~Fare-well Friends~



Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

I've never tried them...I don't even think I've ever seen them around here! Now, what I wait for once a year are morel mushrooms. So hard to find, and no one will part with what they do find!

Love the wider columns on your blog...I want to widen mine, but too scared I'll lose everything and end up with a mess! Happy weekend.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Wish I had dinner at your house!!

Deb said...

Fond of fiddle heads here as well but your food looks finer than mine!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Fiddleheads (don't) look Fantastic! Maybe if I took the Ferry or Flew on a Fighter jet, we Friends could Finally meet and you could cook Fiddleheads For me :)
Frankly, I think the Fiddleheads look green worms. But, Fiddle Dee Dee, if you like 'em, then "eat 'em Forever!

Oh, Fiddlesticks...I ran out of F's.

Friends Forever! xo, misha

Anonymous said...

Frankly Friends, Fresh Fiddleheads are Fabulous Fragilly Fried in Foaming Fat, garlic and parmesan. (fragilly may be a new word - a derivative of fragile - you heard it here First!)
Stalker AKA Mom

ain't for city gals said...

very Funny...I have never heard of these but if they taste like asparagus I would love them...the pizza looks Fabulous!!

Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

Oh I love fiddleheads!!!

Great pics and great post.

Our fiddleheads have just come into season here and I could eat them everyday. What's really funny though is that they make my husband violently sick. It's so weird. They don't affect me at all but he can't even stand the sight of them since last years harvest when he ended up spending a considerable amount of time on the bathroom floor after eating too many.

Asparagus, he has no problem with. So instead we're eating a ton of those little stems.


Elle Bee said...

Fine post my Friend!! Fantastic in Fact!! First time Finding out about Fiddleheads!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

LOL Andrea that was very good!!! I've never tried fiddle head greens even though there are tons of ferns in British Columbia. Mmmm loved the fiddleheads with shrimp butter and garlic picture! You're certainly getting your fill of them this year...good for you! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and that it's filled with Fiddleheads..friend ;)

Flat Creek Farm said...

I'll be right over. Those Fiddleheads look fantastic. Hmmm, wonder if we have them in our neck o' the woods...
I don't recall ever seeing them here. But they surely do look delicious! -Tammy

Dandy said...

Gah, I just came back to show someone the fiddleheads and noticed my post was missing. Or maybe I messed it up.

But they look so good! They really are a fun looking food and apparently so versatile!

I will forever think of you when it comes to fiddleheads. I can't wait to try them... next year!

Dandy said...

I figured it out. Sometimes I forget to go back and put in the password.

Yay for this post, thank you so much!

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Where in this Fabulously Fantastic world our Father created do those Fiddleheads grow? I have never in my Funfilled Forty-years seen a Fiddlehead! Our Ferns are not Food, here in Far-Far-away Georgia. Frankly, I think Ferns are just For looks - not Food. Perhaps you've been Fooled?