Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Joys

Another weekend comes to a close and as I review my accomplishments, stroking items off my mental to-do list I can sometimes feel more than a little overwhelmed. There is so much to do, so many dreams left to be fulfilled in this new home of ours yet as I brought the last load of laundry inside tonight, as the doves cooed in the distance, I had to take stock of what I did achieve this weekend and while it may not bring my list any nearer to completion it's still a resounding victory that I just can't ignore. 

I taught the twins how to hang laundry on a clothesline, enjoying the novelty of the whole process through their eyes as they giggled about having to hang up under garments of their family members. I took delight in how they showed their grandma the clothesline like it was a new invention and was never more proud than when they announced that we could now sell our dryer.

We watched the weather together as the clouds moved in and out making a game out of how long to wait before dashing out to bring the laundry in off the line and getting a little more than wet in the process.

We designed birthday invitations for summer parties based on entertaining friends in their new outdoor domain.

We went to church and listened to a thought provoking sermon on being responsible stewards of the Lord's creation. 

We went for a drive exploring the back roads around the farmhouse, gazing at other old farmsteads that still remain and came home to a surprise sighting of a muskrat in the pond.

We cooked a Sunday dinner of ribs marinated with maple syrup made by our own hands. We visited a new  farm stand nearby and purchased fresh local asparagus; it was our first taste since last year and it was better than candy. Waiting for it to be back in season again rather than buying something shipped from Peru was more than worth the wait. I devoured all of mine before I touched anything else on my plate; something my mom, nor even I ,would have thought possible thirty years ago.
We watched and listened, early Sunday morning, as Callie woke the neighbours while she barked at a raccoon that has been killed on the road in front of the farmhouse overnight. She really is protective.

We were visited by geese and ducks, the latter being a more welcome kind of foul by the Artist and so were fed bird seed by the twins. We watched Callie eat the birdseed.

We remained thankful for having the opportunity to spend another day living in the country.

 ~Be well friends~


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

What a nice weekend!

I have one of those new inventions for drying clothes, too! But, the thought of selling my dryer gives me hives!
Callie needs a post. Any dog that protective, deserves a few paragraphs :)
Have a wonderful week, Andrea! xo, misha

Jackie said...

Hi Andrea.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. The to-do list never ends does it? I'd love to have a clothesline.

Have a great day.

jamjar said...

What a lovely, lovely day!!! I'm so glad you recorded for us and also for yourself...

Unknown said...

Loved the story about the kids and the clotheline...LOL
I am now your newest follower...