Monday, June 14, 2010


Our days have been busy, filled with gardening, yard work and making small improvements to the old farmhouse.
Our nights have been spent in peaceful idle, watching the light show taking place in the enchanted woods across the road. 
I have never, ever seen so many fireflies at one time nor have I seen anything so magical and dreamy.

I love summer.

~Be well friends~

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Deb said...

I never get tired of watching fireflies.

Kathy in KY said...

Hi Andrea: On Facebook, Grit Magazine did a survey to see who calls them fireflies, and who calls them lightnin' bugs. Seems that most of the Mid-westerners & Southerners call them lightnin' bugs - which is what I learned to call them in SW OH when I was growing up. I love the photos of them here on your post. Thanks for sharing. Take care, from KY.

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

One of the best, most magical things about summer!

Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning Andrea! I just wanted to tell you that I love these two pictures. I have just bought a Ball jar that I am using for flowers on the teeny porch table. Your picture with the fireflies, and we do call them lightnin' bugs in Missouri is sweet and is just so summer :) Every night our field west of the house is filled with the quiet fireworks of fireflies/lightnin' bugs. Makes me smile and think about playing "kick the can" as a kid on wonderful summer nights without a care in our little world.

Jackie said...

Hi Andrea. I love these photos. We have been out catching "lightning bugs", as we call them, for the past two nights. My 4 year old screams with excitement every time he catches one. Their nightly show is really one of the best things about summer.


Flat Creek Farm said...

We've had a couple "lightning bugs" in the house recently. Quite a surprise, when you're not expecting it during the middle of the night :) Andrea, this was such a nice post, and I vow to go outside tonight (if it quits raining), and enjoy the fireflies for a few precious moments. As with Summer, they won't be here forever!

DianeLynn said...

Being raised as a CA beach girl, my first fireflies I saw was at Disneyland...yeppers that is what I said Disneyland. It was on the Caribbean ride that "fake" fireflies flew around...oh how I loved that part of the ride and dreamed about them all my life...till many years later I saw the real ones. I moved to Ohio and next to the house was a field full of them. Sometimes they would fly into the house and I would turn off the lights and watched. Of course I made sure they wasn't hurt and got back outside. Thank you for bringing back those memories...I miss them tremendously.

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hi Andrea! What a great photo of the Fireflies! You know...I didn't even know we had fireflies up in Canada. I just don't remember seeing them when I was growing up in Manitoba and then in British Columbia. Isn't that strange. It must be a good year for them if you're seeing that would be like Fairyland! I'm seeing more and more of them this year here in Kansas but they seem to be later than normal where we are. I hope we get lots out here in the country...I'd love to get a photo like yours to show the family. Enjoy your Fairyland my friend...have a wonderful day. Maura :)

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

We call them lightnin bugs! In the pic of Sadie Louise (on the current blog post) watching the deer, that is the field that lights up at night!
The cats love to watch them too!

Interesting fact about Ball mason jars. If you ever find one numbered "13" they are worth a lot of $$$. Old timers would smash them because they thought using those to can with or use was bad luck! So most of the number 13 jars went out of circulation!
Be on the look-out when you go thrifting!
xo, misha

Genny said...

I always know that summer is here when I see the fireflies. They always seem so magical to me, glittering in and out of the shadows and sometimes right next to you before you even realize they're there. Seeing them brings forth my entire childhood. Love the pictures.