Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Canada Day Replay Part 1: The Parade

Because everyone loves a parade, and because I took a zillion photos of this particular one.

We'll start at church; it's as good a place as any to start a birthday celebration and it also happens to be smack dab at the crossroads of town.
And it was a very busy little town; the crowd this year was at an all time high.
Now it goes without saying, we wouldn't be celebrating Canada Day without the service of our veterans and each year one is chosen to represent all veterans who served our country in order that we may bestow a small token of our deepest gratitude and appreciation. This gentleman, like all veterans, choked me up. Six years ago, my former neighbour, who had served in the Canadian Navy, was asked to to be in this parade. Doug is gone now, but he was a smart man. In 2003 he predicted we were headed for a depression. He wasn't far off. As for myself, I would have never predicted, that a few years later, I would be living here attending these same festivities. Life is funny like that.
The antique fire truck belongs to the village and is a source of pride among the villagers. So much so, that when the Artist suggested they try selling t-shirts this year to commemorate the village's big day, the committee asked that he come up with a design incorporating the fire truck.

This is what he came up with, as modeled by someone the day of.
We think it was a hit, as sales were fairly brisk. He's already thinking up of a new design for next year.

The parade was full of goodies, I wish I could show you all of it, but that would mean I know how to use the movie mode on my camera. Let me just say it was full of classics.

Classic cars,
 classic engines,
 classic tractors,
 classic trucks,
and classic wagon pullers.
 You may call them horses, I call them beauty on hooves and I told the Artist, if we ever have horses, these are the ones I would have. Just saying. 

And of course, no parade is complete without lots of floats. 
Notice anything particular about this float? Look real close. Can you see what's on it? Can you see what I see?

Let's zoom in for a closer look, shall we?
 Now do you see them? That's right, there were classic twins in the parade too!

  ~Stay cool friends~


Unknown said...

Looks like a great parade! I love love the old Gibson tractor. My in-laws used to have a Percheron team and now have Clydes. Big beauties for sure.

Laura Jeanne @ Getting There said...

Looks like you had a lovely Canada Day this year. That old steam tractor is a hoot! We had a Canada Day parade down here too, but we didn't I'm thinking we should have, it probably would have been fun.

Joan said...

Love the wink! Ü

Kathy in KY said...

Andrea - that last photo of the twins is fantastic! I love the parade photos, too. And I think the Clydesdales steal the show for me. They are majestic, aren't they? And also, the photo of the old truck and the tractor. My ex-father-in-law had International Harvester tractors, mostly, and there was one he had that had the two small wheels on the front that were real close together - I have no idea how old that one was, but he kept all of them running. I look forward to seeing more of what you took photos of. Take care, from KY.

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Good Morning Andrea! LOL that picture of the twins is adorable...they're just so darn cute. Love that wink and big smile...personality plus! I love seeing the Canadian flag flown all over and the T shirt 'the artist' came up with is PERFECT! What an honour that must have been. Did they have a marching 'pipe band'? I miss the bagpipes down here...they don't seem to have many at parades where we live. Thanks for sharing CANADA DAY with makes me a bit homesick but that's ok we'll be going back up next month. Have a wonderful day...Maura :)

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

A belated Happy Birthday Canada! JUST got back online after my Mac was overhauled and am eager to visit my bloggy friends (and post my backlog soon). Love parades and these pics are so wonderful! What beautiful twins, cute trucks and pretty horses!!! We too are big Clyde folks - in fact bought a few out at the National Sale in MO and fell in love with the kind and common sense Canadian breeders selling there.
Hope your summer stays cool. Yesterday WE here in MD set the national record for high temps (?)!

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

I love vintage cars and trucks...but oh, that last photo is a keeper!

Rural Rambler said...

I love a parade and this one was awesome! We are going to a Clydesdale barn next week :) All your shots are great but the last one, whoa, mat it and frame it! Oh the memories :)