Monday, July 12, 2010

Canada Day Replay Part 2: Everything but the Parade

 Let's get to the rest of the day, before Canada Day rolls around again shall we?

It was a day like no other, chock full o' fun. 

After the parade, opening ceremonies were held with short and sweet speeches from local dignitaries followed by a prayer from our minister. Awards were given to recognize the Citizen of the Year, a very sweet lady, Junior Citizen of the Year, a very shy, young girl and a Lifetime Achievement Award for a long time resident. More than once, I questioned just how small is this community? When everyone pitches in, as they seem to do around here, it makes the community seem larger and closer. They're a tight-knit friendly group. Only in the country, I say.

There were games for children of all ages, and those who were rather short in stature and years, all received a prize. Each and everyone. How wonderful. 

There was music of all sorts.
 There was face painting, lots of hot food served by the local Lions, balloon art, ice cream and candy apples and a pedal tractor pull which, somehow, I managed to miss. Perhaps because I was busy assisting in the judging of the classic car show. 

That's right, I was a judge, as appointed by none other than the head judge! You may recognize him by his other moniker, The Artist. It's a relaxed atmosphere but we took our job very seriously. I'm sure you've all heard the words at many contests, where the officials always announce how difficult it was to pick a winner. Well it's true. As I walked around the field, going from car to car, I could hear those words echoing in my head. It truly was a difficult choice but we were very impressed with the first car we checked out and after that every car had to measure up to it. 

Here's the winner.
 This lovely couple was a little surprised and quite touched to have won, which is always nice. But it was the story of the car that pretty near bowled me over. It seems this gentleman has owned this car for forty years. Forty years! I thought to myself, he doesn't look old enough to have owned this car for forty years, surely it was originally his father's car. Nope. He bought it when he was 16 for $50. He fixed it up into a little hot rod number, but his wife told me as their tastes 'matured' they decided to restore it back to its original self. And restore it he did, all of it, in his garage at home, all on his own. Amazing. A wonderful piece of history available for future generations to witness. That in itself deserves an award. We couldn't have made a better choice.

Here was the second place finisher. Another beautiful car, Vettes were always my dad's favourite and the male twin's pick of the day. Great presentation!
While I was occupied with my judging duties I almost missed one of the highlight events of the afternoon. 

Almost, but just for you, I made it by a hair, to witness Cow Pattie Bingo.
 With tickets available for only $5 a piece, how could you not buy a square in Cow Pattie Bingo yard? We owned square 32 as picked by the Artist. Obviously, he doesn't know crap about playing bingo.  

Sorry but I just couldn't resist that one, no way, no how.

After a brief respite at home for some dinner, a cold drink and a brief siesta, we returned for more....

And yes, yes, of course, we also came back for the fireworks. 
Did you know my camera has a special setting for fireworks? Neither did I!

The Artist decided to mention this amazing fact just as the show was about to begin and the barely cracked manual was back at the old farmhouse. So I'll have to leave you with this and just say, here's to next year!

~Be well friends~


Kathy in KY said...

What great photos, Andrea! I would've had a hard time picking the best car, too. The car you picked reminds me of my Uncle Adrian, we have old photos of him and his cars, and I guess they would've been from the 40's and 50's since my brothers were in the photos when they were young, being born in 1951 and 1952. I do love cotton candy, and it reminded me of the church festivals St Veronica church would have each year - even in our large town, our church community was small enough that it seemed like family, and everyone knew everyone else. What Fun!! Take care, from KY.

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

I'll have to look for that firework option on our camera too! What a fun shot, and the cars...oh, I love old cars. The winner has a great story behind it too, making it all the better. A labor of love. Looks like a good time was had by all!

Unknown said...

Looks like fun! Cow pattie bingo, too funny.

Barbara said...

Looks like a real fun time, the car was really cool, and cow pattie bingo, too funny.
Hugs and blessings, Barbara