Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Glimmer of Christmas Past

As the Christmas countdown begins to turn from days to hours,

I reflect on Christmases past.

Some I remember...

While others, 

how could anyone forget?

It seems the Glimmer twins aren't the only ones who had to have the same toys.

And in case you're wondering,

the little alien baby beside me is my little brother. 

Except, now, he's not so little and he no longer resembles an extra-terrestrial.

Love ya J!



Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Love the matching jammies! And of course, that blow up reindeer, well that is a thing of beauty!

Merry Christmas Andrea!


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

What a couple of cuties! In both pics! I love the Glimmer Twins in their matching jammies. Her hair is gorgeous!!!! But, those smiles? That tops everything. True bro and sissy!
I am so relieved to know your brother no longer looks like ET. Although ET is pretty darn cute :)

I will be around, lurking and commenting. Taking my laptop along on the trip.
xo, misha

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

C'mon Andrea ... admit it, little bro was pretty cute! Look at those BIG smiles on the Glimmer twins - precious! Happy Holidays - xox

Rural Rambler said...

Oh My Andrea! Where would we be without pictures?!

Nancy said...

Love the Christmas jammies! Always a must. And the shag carpeting is very retro! Haha!

Have a wonderful holiday, Andrea!

Deb said...

I love the matching jammies too. Have a great Christmas!

Anke said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. May it be filled with love, laughter and happiness.

Leigh, Andrea Leigh Gil said...

So Cute! Happy Holidays!

Dawn said...

Very sweet! I wish you a wonderful Christmas as well!!!

Verde Farm said...

So adorable and love the pj’s. We still wear matching pj’s Christmas Eve every year :) Merry Christmas to you and your family and a happy, healthy 2011.

Elle Bee said...

Hee hee! Oh I love these pictures!! So sweet!