Thursday, April 28, 2011


I answered an add on Kijiji not too long ago, that went something like this...'Free kittens." Then on my way home last Thursday, all geared up for a super long weekend, I made a super long detour and paid a visit to the owner of these two beauties. And tell me, if you were me, would you have left without one of these tucked under your arm? ......Well?....What's that?....No? I thought so. Neither did I. The little one on the left. That's the one I picked. Only because she's a girl and the Artist is sexist when it comes to pets. He prefers females. He thinks they'll be more loyal or something. It doesn't really matter, because she is a sweetheart. 

After much deliberation and consternation from the twins because we were reaching the 48 hour naming window (which up until then I never knew existed) we finally decided on a name. We tossed around Nutmeg (Meggie) which was the only orange-ish name I would consider and Tiger Lily, after all of the orange day lilies at the farmhouse, but we couldn't reach a four person consensus on either one of those so we went with a last minute entry in the suggestion box. Ember. Glowing Ember but we stick with Ember. Ember November. Ember September. Ember December. Aunty Em-ber. As you can see names really don't have a whole lot of standing around the old farmhouse.
And I'm certain, I had completely forgotten what it was like to have a kitten in the house. 
They're cute, that's obvious, and they're oh so small! At one point, during our first twenty four hours together, I held her up in front of the Artist and exclaimed, "Honey, I shrunk the cat!"  I'm slowly getting over her petite-ness and in the process I have discovered that Whiskers might perhaps be a little on the, shall we say, husky side? I think it may have happened a while ago, maybe while I was paddling along da'Nile River.
  They have more mischievousness in one tiny paw than two glimmer twins put together. 
Trust me on this one, that's a lot.
And they're amused by the most simplest of things. Cat toys are the easiest thing to devise...take a receipt, crumple it, and voila, you have hours and hours of entertainment,
followed by hours and hours of cat-napping.
And this little girl is so intrigued by everything we do. And I do mean everything. She sits and watches, seemingly absorbing every single detail. I fully expect you'll be reading her own blog posts this time next month. If I start talking about mice and the best kitty kibble on the market, it might not be me. Please send help.
She took to the camera like a goose protecting it's nest. (You can trust me on that one too.) She's all over it and boy can she work it. Her mission at the old farmhouse, should she accept it, is to be our protector of the peeps; to keep varmints at bay and ensure the coop is a safe and happy place. A coop keeper!
It looks promising, don't you think?


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Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Oh my, she is a cutie pie! That close up picture of her is really too much... you can see here little kittie mind all at work there!

I must admit though, I'd have brought them both home :)


Patrice said...


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

ah, ember is adorable! i love kitties! i sure hope her brother will find the perfect forever home. kitties are such special little animals!

TexWisGirl said...

this is one of the most adorable posts i've seen in a long time! but i would have taken them both!!!

Anonymous said...

As the proud owner of two orange long hair cats, congratulations!

We also have a tuxedo cat and they "own" the house...welcome cute little Ember...what a beautiful name.

teekaroo said...

Oooh! She's so sweet! I love kittens. They are so fun to watch. We can't have cats here, but I still would have wanted to sneak one home.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Ember is beautiful. You will have fun with this girl she looks like she fits right in with your family. Congratulations Andrea.

Connie said...

Adorable. Congrats on the new addition to the family!

MJ said...

Oh I do love kittens and cats!! Ember is such a little sweetie!! She got quite lucky too to be a part of such a lovely family!! How is the guarddog taking it ? Hopefully with open paws? Have a great weekend!!

Nancy said...

There must be a gene in orange tabbies that make them photogenic! Jack (our female orange tabby) loves the camera as well.

Love your little Ember and look forward to many cute photo shoots!

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

You are right...I would not have been able to leave without one (or two) of those cutie pies! Completely adorable!

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

I love orange cats...there's just something special about them (at least to me!) Maybe it's because the first kitty to find his way to our farm was an orange tabby. You'll have a ball with them...and any good farm can't have too many mousers! Adorable...what else can be said?! -Mary

Teresa said...

Oh, so cute! It almost makes me want to have one.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oh, my! She looks just like my *Bo*! He is a little cat even though he is all grown up ~snif snif~

She is adorable!! Her eyes have not even changed yet! She's a itty bitty! I think she needs a playmate. What is one more kitten? Well, that is what we always say! LOL!
I actually get *kitten pangs*! I miss having a kitten sooooo much. You know, a young'in around the house.
I have this thing I do. I clasp my my hands, bow my head, close my eyes and say,
"Dear God, I need a kitten!"
It always works. Within days, one shows up! Ha!

Anytime I am thinking out loud to J, about wanting a little fluff ball, I threaten to do *my thing* and he will say NO!!!!!!
Anywho~I do believe you need to make the trek back to get Ember's twin.
What is a GLIM without the MER?

xo, misha

Cheryl said...

Congrats on your new addition, she is a beauty!
We have 4 and 3 are orange!

Elle Bee said...

AHHHHH! This post was so full of cuteness I can barely stand it!! This gave me a chuckle: "Please send help." haha! Okay, if Ember Remember takes over, I'll send help. heh! Oh, and that final pic is priceless. Too cute.

Jen said...

I love this post! So Sweet & Cute!!! Ember is such a pretty name for her... beautiful kitten. We have 4 1 month old kittens that already have homes to go to around May 30, its gonna be a very sad day here when they leave us. Then yesterday evening our other momma cat had her kittens... 3. I may try to sneak & keep one of them :)

Curbstone Homestead said...

Adorable, Simply adorable!

Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

Super Cute! We have a kitty named Tiger Lily but she has gray stripes.

Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

I'm just catching up on posts. This is absolutely adorable!!

Tina said...

Oh my, what lovely little cuties! I think I might add a kitty to our gang soon, too, seeing these just means to love them. I especially like that white part around her mouth, where the whiskers are inserted. Such a handsome little face! Courious how she'll look when she gets older^