Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Petal Love

The Artist and I stopped in at our local farm market over the weekend and decided to start off our spring, the same way we do every year since moving here, by purchasing a flat of pansies, to bring some much needed colour to the old farmhouse property.

I think my favourite thing about spring is the reintroduction of colour into our world. The over indulgence of colour at Christmas time, for me always gives way, willingly I might add, to the crisp coolness of white, inside and hopefully out of doors as well. But after a few months, that crispness starts to seem more like starkness which, at the flick of a switch, seems to turn into brown. Everywhere.
For me, nothing cures the muddy brown blues than some spring flowers, especially at Easter. We received a lovely arrangement, put together beautifully by my step-mom, but the past weekend was more gray than not, and I just couldn't get a photo of them that made my heart pitter patter. But, I found this on my camera tonight and fell instantly in love. We planted a few of these pansies at the end of our driveway, hopefully providing a smile to the mail lady, the bus driver and to me, as I return from the city and pass through the maple 'gates' to arrive at home, sweet country home.

“And there is pansies, that's for thoughts.”



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I don't have a pansy related movie to recommend, do you?

I will tell you; we watched two movies over the weekend, one was an oldie but a goody, and the other one, in my opinion, stunk. The only positive aspect, was that it was a free rental from the library. One was Salt, and the other was When Harry Met Sally. I don't think I need to tell you which one is the goody but let's just say, I never tire of catching glimpses of Sally Albright's apartment. Did you watch any good movies over the weekend?

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~Happy Flower Petal trails to you my friends!~


Elle Bee said...

That is an awesome photo! Beautiful colors and I just love what the texture did to it.
PS Love that you plant annuals. I do too, every year. It's just the right thing to do. :o)

Anonymous said...

There is just nothing like a pansy.
such a happy flower. So many colors and so many different types. It is such a hardy flowering plant too. You did a very nice job capturing this, the composition is nice and the texturing is great!

Linda said...

gorgeous work!!
so glad I found your blog - it is BEAUIFUL!!!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hello Andrea!
I agree with you...colour marks the beginnings of spring. I love Nana in Manitoba used to grow some beautiful ones. They don't last here in the heat of Kansas but you can plant them early and then replace them with something else when they give up in the heat. You know...I just may plant some after seeing your beautiful photo! Yes we watched a couple of movies this past weekend. Hubby loves Open Range with Kevin Costner (he watches it over and over and over again ;)) and The Vally Of Light which was a made for TV movie. If you haven't seen it already I think you'd like it. One of these days I'm going to try my hand at Kim's textures. Great photo by the way! I hope your weeks is a wonderful one...full of colour.
Take care my friend.
Maura :)

TexWisGirl said...

I watched one called Liam Neeson plays an undertaker. All the while I watched it, I kept thinking of how he lost his wife in a terrible skiing accident and wondering how he could make it during the filming this movie - or whether it was catharctic to deal with death head on...

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

We watched District 9 -- very interesting (we're way behind on our movies). I love pansies so much, their adorable faces --

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

No movies, but we had a great Easter celebration. I agree with you about needing color this time of year; the pansies are beautiful.

Karen said...

I thought Salt stunk too. And I still love When Harry Met Sally

Buttons Thoughts said...

Those pansies are beautiful. I had no time for a movie this weekend as my girls were home and a house full of over night visitors. I look forward to a rainy weekend this week to stay in curl up and watch one. B

Cheryl said...

I absolutely LOVE pansies!
We watched "Flicka 2" and "Secretariat" over the weekend.

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

No movies... the stanley cup playoffs seem to be all that is on our TV these days....

I love that you put pansies at the end of the driveway. I see folks plant flowers around their mailboxes and always think I should do that!


fotogran said...

Oh your pansies are a treat. Here in Ontario things are so late this year it's nice to see their cheerful faces.

Nancy said...

My mom always buys pansies first to put by her driveway -- your picture reminded me of that. So pretty and love your photo. :)

Teresa said...

What a great shot! Pansies are always so cheerful.