Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Other Andrea

Better late than never, I'm joining Karen at This Old House who posted about what the life of her 'other self' would be like and challenged her readers to do the same. I can't think of a better way to dream as I turn another year older today and because I promised Misha I was working on my own post.


My other self would live in Spain, where winters would be spent in the Canary Islands. The north coast of Fuerteventura to be exact, where I could hop a plane to Africa to visit this family, any time I pleased.

I would work as a Marine Biologist, researching and studying the intelligence of dolphins but it wouldn't really feel like work.

I would live in a casa de playa (beach house) where I could watch dolphins and listen to the surf from anywhere in the house and I could entertain all of my family and friends.

But I would spend lots of time inland, because there is so much more to Spain than the coast, including beautiful countrysides

and the Alhambra 

 Source: via Kelly Buie on Pinterest

 lots of fountains,

Source: via Marisa Brodrick on Pinterest

and of course, Madrid, 

where I would have an apartment,

and I would be one of those sophisticated Spanish women, except I wouldn't smoke but my accent would be muy perfecto.

On the island, I would drive this vintage jeep, converted to electric of course. What? My other self would still be eco-friendly, that would never change.
   Source: via Juliette Talley on Pinterest

and in the city I would drive this vintage beauty.
Source: via theinkroom on Pinterest

And I would drink wine grown here,

and eat the local paella dish for dinner each night,

while watching flamenco.

How a Canadian girl born on a hot July day in the middle of Canada grew up to love the ocean and Espana is a tough one to figure out.

But she's just as happy to be another year older, in the country with the Artist and the Glimmer Twins, Callie, Whiskers and Ember and a few thousand bees, whilst building a chicken coop during a hot summer drought. 

~What's your other self like, friends?~


Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

What a wonderful "other self"... I'm with ya on the paella... yum! And I love the vintage cars and the combination of beach and city living. Cigarette gal looks very cool and put together... but I'm thinking those shoes may be a tad uncomfortable... you should stick with the beach flip flops!


PS And I'm assuming it's a happy birthday? or soon? If so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm a July girl too... next Monday in fact. And I celebrate it by taking my whole birthday week off of work!

Anonymous said...

Excellent & very interesting, especially the 'casa de playa'... NIIICE! Love the cars, too

This looks like it was a fun post to create =)

{ T G L } said...

That's hilarious, especially considering I grew up in Spain :)

And the ladies really are sophisticated. There's just no competition.

And the Alhambra... well, they don't call it a world wonder for nothing!

This Good Life

Gardener in the Distance said...

God bless, Andrea. Good to keep those dreams alive!

Karen said...

Awesome post! Thanks for joining! I'll add you to the list!....

Love this other life, Andrea - great photos too. The culture is amazing, isn't it?

V.L. Locey said...

Happy birthday! I LOVE your other life!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Happy Birthday Andrea. I love, love love your dreams. B

Jocelyn said...

Happy birthday! Your dream is so glamorous! I hope you enjoy your day.

Denise said...

Seeing as I'm a Canadian girl...and 42 years old as well...I think it would only be right that you would send me a plane ticket and we could celebrate our 43rd birthdays at the beach house..sigh.

TexWisGirl said...

Happy birthday, sweet 42!!! I love you just as you are! :)

Sally said...

Love your other self although I'm sure you're just as lovely in your real self.

Happy Birthday!

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Happy,happy, birthday! Do something you love today!

And it's so neat to dream isn't it? Thanks for sharing your other self...Spain is quite exciting! I think I'd be a small town vet in England, living in an old stone house...ahhh, those James Herriot books from my youth have stayed with me! -Mary

Joy Tilton said...

Happy Birthday to you...AND me too! Celebrating 59 today, I like to think of it as the 20th anniversary of my 39th! Funny how we hold these desires in our heart to be somewhere else, even someONE else! Not a bad thing having dreams!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Spain is breathtaking! I enjoyed learning about your other self! (I'll take that vintage jeep also..)

Happy Birthday, Andrea.. from one July bee girl to another. Make it a fantastic day!! -Tammy

Anonymous said...

Such a great 'other self' you have. Almost as nice as your 'real self'. :-)

Reena said...

Awww .... your other self sounds delightful! Fun post ... I did this a while back and it was sooooo fun!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Aww, love your "other self" it looks like a fun life! I'm glad you brought us to Spain, it brought back fond memories of when I went many years ago with an old friend!

Happy to visit and now follow! Have a great day. If you have time please stop by, I love company and new friends are always welcome!


Vicky said...

Ahhh, visiting from Karen's and of course am smitten with the whole idea :) Happy Birthday! Thanks for the fun and I have no doubt one day we'll find you in Spain!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet soul sissy! I wish you a year filled with mucho love,oodles of gorgeous photography, bees that make you proud, and many, many new barns to ponder and make beautiful portraits of! I hope you feel much excitement of what this new year has to offer!
Thank you for being my friend. I treasure you!
xo, misha

camp and cottage living said...

Happy, happy birthday!
Oh, I never thought I'd want to go to Spain before. But having seen these photos I think I may add that to my wish list!
Please don't think me crazy or maybe blind. But I couldn't make out the vineyard picture. I do need new glasses, so maybe it is just me!

Elle Bee said...

Happy birthday miss! I have a feeling 42 is going to be a great year for you! Can you explain the 'wine grown here' photo?

bichonpawz said...

What a great dream! Happy Birthday! Beautiful photos!

MJ said...

Happy birthday to you my friend!!! And oh how your other Andrea is after my own heart by loving Spain and wanting to be with dolphins!! Paella is one of my very favorites!! So fun to dream and imagine! But I'm so glad you are you, i would miss your sweet words and those beautiful barns and gorgeous photos!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've created a beautiful dream! I met the challenge, too! Wasn't it FUN?!! I should do it again! Of course I'm always at the ocean! ♥

Country Girl said...

Nicely done. And hey, happy birthday!

Carole said...

Happy Birthday....I think I could eat paella every night too.

I just met Karen of This Old House turns out she lives just 15 minutes away from me. Small world!


A Wild Thing said...

SIGH...well, we can dream can't we...hope you had a wonderful birthday from someone who was born on a hot September day, soon to be's not about the age, it's how you make it count!!!


Low Tide High Style said...

Happy Birthday, and I'm loving your other self too!

Kat :)

Judy said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun post to read.

Vintage West said...

What a fun post, I'm in love with your other life and the cars you picked. But the life you post on here is just as amazing :)

Genny said...

Happy birthday!!! I loved reading about your "other life."

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Andrea! I'm sorry I missed your day but I just wanted you to know that I wish you all the best and I hope you had a wonderful day. I love your 'other you' and the places you would live and visit but I think the REAL you is the best. So...don't change ok ;)
Take care.
Maura :)