Thursday, September 22, 2011

This or That Thursday

I'm participating in a brand new photo challenge today called This or That Thursday.
It's hosted by an amazing photographer, Deb Duty. She is truly an inspiration; 
I learn so much from viewing her talented photography skills on her beautiful blog,
Deb Duty Photography.

September Sunset

I've decided to push the This or That theme one step further here at Rural Revival and use it as a means to catch up on a little of this and a little of that, that's been happening around the old farmhouse. Just little tidbits that don't seem like much to post about but this city girl learns something new, each and every day, here in the country and now I can share a little more about what's happening in my neck of the woods.

1. This serene, peaceful sunset disperses a false truth around these parts. Things are far from calm. We are scrambling to prepare for fall, as we still go about our daily routines of work, school, and picture taking. We're missing out on family events in the process and the guilt sticks to my ribs more than I'd like. Living this dream includes making sacrifices, much more than I realized.

2. I've twice had four of five photos ready for the Sunday Scavenger Hunt photo challenge but just couldn't find that last one. And if I don't have everything ready early Sunday morning, there won't be time to get back to the computer; see 1. Which is a bummer 'cause I love this vintage coke machine, and I've been trying to figure a way to slip this into a post. Mission accomplished.

3. I'm lamenting the fact that I did not eat enough of these this summer. Last year, it was a nightly feast before bedtime. This year, ehm, not so much and I have no idea why. Maybe I could blame it on number 1. But I made pies! As I speak and you read, they're hibernating in the deep freeze until the temps outside match the temps inside of the freezer. Then they're coming home to momma!

4. Speaking of momma, my momma came to visit. Before I delve into this fact further, let me just say that no one, I mean no one around here says momma. But I read it all the ding dang time in blogland and I just love the sound of it, and just because I'm from the near north doesn't mean I can't say it, so what the heck, I am gonna. Momma! ( I can guarantee you she's rolling her eyes right 'bout now.)

So my momma, she came for a visit and brought a new friend for me to play with. I guess she figured that other girl and I weren't ever gonna get along. But then she left, my momma that is, and she took my new friend back home with her, said she wanted to sort her out on a couple issues before she moves in to the old farmhouse permanently.  I miss this new friend, we got along together, rather swimmingly in fact, but it's just as well because I'd likely just ignore her for the next little while. See number 1.

5. I love it when I go outside and discover one of my girls working hard for a living and for me. I do a little dance and take about a hundred photos, then I blow up the image in Photoshop so I can look at her in fine detail.  And then I wonder if she really is one of mine, she seems sort of fuzzy. And then I remember how overwhelming beekeeping is and I shut down my computer. This is just as well, 'cause I got lots of chores outside that need tending. See number 1.

So there's your sweet and lowdown on what's happening at the old farmhouse. 

Are you still awake?

~Bee well friends!~


Tamar SB said...

Your pics are stunning! Those blueberries are making me hungry and look so good! That coke machine is great too!

Tamar - also linking up with Deb, today!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

A very interesting post with lots of This and that.....

deb duty said...

So glad I could give you an excuse to post these wonderful photos! I love every single one. The vintage coke machine is so fun. (I think I'm going to do a post soon about our visit to the coke museum in Atlanta). Those blueberries look so good and I love the photo of a handful. And I'm still laughing about you calling her momma! Now I'm not even sure what I'm called, but I think it's mom. Thanks for linking up today!

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

The sunset photo is looks almost like a painting! And yes, I love Momma too...Little Man still calls me that, and Sweet Girl from time to time. I put the stops on "Mom" while they're just sounds, well, too grown up. Must.Slow.Down.Time! Agreed...fall is a busy time around here too, but we're really happy with the cooler temperatures. Enjoy your flurry of can be a sweet family time.

Lisa said...

Found you through Deb's link up this morning. I love the one with the blueberries. Visits from Momma's are the best! Enjoy your day!

Susan said...

Oh my, I'd love to visit your home.

These pictures are just stunning.

So...what do you call your mom?

Hope your day is blessed!

Gail said...

Wonderful catch and great pictures.

What do you call your mother?

Beyond Zephyr said...

I love your idea on pushing the This Or That meme further! It is always nice for me to know a bit more about the blogger.

Gorgeous photos!

EMily said...

Beautiful shots! You sound really busy...hopefully you will get some break time in to rest and relax and eat some pie!

Deb said...

I'm still awake admiring your photos!

Natalie Pozniak said...

Great shots! I love the first shot of sunset.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous lighting in that sunset photo! I love reading about you getting ready for winter - sounds satisfying (but I'm not looking forward to winter . . .)

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Ooooh, I love 'em all! Especially the one of your Mama. That is the way the spell in these them hills! Tennessee speak! How is your stalker/Mama by the way?
I do think "September Sunset" needs to be October header!!
Miss you :)
xo, misha

Reena said...

Lots of good stuff here ... love that first photo!

Lynne said...

I really like your photos and I really like your piece on "momma".
However . . ., I really, really, really like your
September Sunset.
Gorgeous photo, oh my the images I sense as I look at it. Love the windmill . . ., the clouds, the trees.

Rose said...

Totally loved this post!

Halcyon said...

A beautiful sky!