Thursday, October 13, 2011

This or That Thursday Quartered

Now by the brook the maple leans with all his glory spread,
And all the sumac on the hills have turned their green to red. 
~William Wilfred Campbell~

It's hard to believe we've rolled back around to Thursday again. Nice to see you
Thursday, but I'm pretty sure we we just visiting a day or two ago, were we not? 

No? I see. 

Perhaps a four day weekend filled with yard work, painting a chicken coop and filling up on turkey has thrown me off? Or maybe it was the chance to enjoy my Thanksgiving meal under a yellow canopy of leaves, as they slowly trickled to the ground, while, to my left, I gazed upon this scene.
Chicken butts; foraging chicken butts nonetheless because  
even chickens like to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal out of doors.
And whilst being completely overtaken by the sights of chicken wanderings here, there and everywhere for four days straight, there wasn't much  time to pick up a camera, until my mom arrived that is. As with any visit to the old farmhouse, she was off to inspect those far corners that I suspect often times feel neglected and it was then that I realized I should try to see the view from her eyes.
 Mom, not momma, mother, mum or mama - just Mom.
And then I decided I should capture those eyes, for eternity. Why not? The lighting was good and she was dressed in fall colours. (I get that from her.) And that look on her face? I know it well. It's a mixture of  'why, hello there daughter' with a large dash of humouring Andrea. She does that a lot, humouring me. And I love her for it. Humour me, love me. And I'll humour you back...or at the very least make you smile. 

And you know, the regular workdays aren't so bad either. They may not pass like a flash in the pan, actually far from it, but I have this view twice daily. The commute could just be the best part of my workday.
And that my friends was my week. Gone in a flash but thankfully full of memories, 
a photo or two and a large dose of chicken butts. It doesn't get any better than that.
~Be well friends!~

and then, she {snapped}

The Daily Wyatt


Seeing Each Day said...

Love your last shot - and the 'humour you' photo from your mum!

Susan said...


These are all amazing shots. And the one of your mom is my favorite.

Enjoy her♥

Vanessa said...

I love your pictures! What a peaceful place. I am stopping by from Katherine's' blog hop. Love for you to stop by


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I love them all but the one of your mom is really great:)

Stephanie at Grateful Heart Acres said...

Beautiful them!

deb duty said...

Sounds like you've been really busy! This is another fabulous set of photos. I love the one of your mom best!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great week - I love that you included your Mom!

dtbrents said...

Sounds like you have a great Mom. I love the pictures. A beautiful Fall picture at the end. Have a wonderful week. Doylene

Elle Bee said...

Loving those fuzzy bums. And the one of your Just Mom. :o)

Pat M said...

I am blog hopping & already following you from Katherine's Corner. Pls follow back. Growing Old With Grace

Judy said...

Beautiful photos Andrea, your mom is beautiful.

A Creative Grace said...

lovely post, all the pics are great, I especially love the first one as the colours are stunning and the texture really looks good :)

Lynne said...

I must admit, I had to take a couple of looks to find "chicken butts" and then, ah ha there they were! Right up there in the air?

Love "your mom look.". I remember it well from my mom. Enjoy her Andrea . . . even the look. I miss my mom tremendously.

Your last photo with the river,a touch of red on the left is fabulous! It is amazing here, leaves turned, leaves dropped, IMMEDIATELY. Everything . . . this week and now it is almost over . . . bare trees and lawns and roofs covered. Did I say? . . . AMAZING

Lou Belcher said...

I love the fall colors in that last photo. Beautiful shots... all.


Anonymous said...

Love the last picture too.

(hopping over from Katherine's blog hope! :)

Katherines Corner said...

Love this post! All of the photos are lovely.Thank you so much for linking up. Hugs and sending wishes for a weekend filled with laughter xo