Sunday, November 6, 2011

The dog days of November

It was a balmy 13C yesterday and today is more of the same. 
We're busy raking leaves, giving the lawn a final trim and squirreling away lots of tulip
and daffodil bulbs for a colourful treat in front of the old farmhouse come spring.
We're also planting next year's harvest of garlic with an extra row along our grapevines to, hopefully, deter those pesky Japanese beetles. If you're not familiar with them, consider yourself lucky. They almost decimated a rose of Sharon but thankfully the chickens have been feasting on the grubs around it and we're hoping for a recovery of some sort next year.  The grapes, however, are on the other side of the property, far beyond the chicken's current world. 
I've read one of the things the beetles detest most is the smell of garlic which is likely why my tomato plants went untouched this year...they were next to the garlic. Grapes and interesting combination, wouldn't you say?
Meanwhile, Ember is enjoying her dog days or perhaps they're more cat days of November. 
Nothing like trying to catch falling magnolia leaves to tire a kitten out, always a good thing when an extra hours sleep is involved and she's back at today. Good thing, Whiskers and I stayed up far too late last night; we need to catch up on our beauty sleep.
~Enjoy your Sunday friends!~


Unknown said...

Oh man! you are making me feel guilty! I should be out in the yard too but I fear I left it too late to plant my allium . . . the ground is pretty frosty!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

She is adorable!!!
And the name "Whiskers" is perfect for that beauty! She and Brutus have those long, gorgeous *feelers* in common :)
It is beautiful here, too! I am so hoping it stays this way. My parents will be here this week. They have never been here in Autumn!
Love to you on this glorious day!
xo, misha

TexWisGirl said...

ember is too cute!

Lynne said...

Japanese Beetles are SO destructive. We seem to go in cycles with them. They have been better since my hubby found something natural for the lawn which diminished the grubs . . . , less beetles.

Love sleepy eyed "Whiskers."

Rose said...

Whiskers does not need any beauty sleep...he looks quite handsome to me!