Monday, February 13, 2012

Where in the world is Eli?

Winter finally decided to show up this weekend,
bringing some wind and snow along for the ride.

Not just any wind, but a bitter northwester that can barrel across the open
field behind us and swing into the chicken coop faster than Ember running
through the house while terrorizing everyone in her path.

I was more than hesitant then when I went out to the coop yesterday morning and opened it up. 
I'm not sure why I opened it, perhaps I felt I needed to let the hens
decide for themselves if they wanted to go out or not.

I came back a few hours later after the winds had picked up even more and
shut the door. They seemed extremely pleased with my endeavour.

I returned a few hours after that, once the wind had died down some,
 and found the lot of them standing in front of the door waiting to go out.

I opened the hatch once again and watched as they all hesitated at the door.

I tried to coax them out with a little scratch, which quickly sunk in the snow.

These birds are no fools.

Only one dared venture out past the door while the rest stared at her,
in awe of her courage; she was a brilliant testimony to the Chantecler breed.

Half a minute later she was back inside, even if it meant going under her flock to get there.

Meanwhile, Eli was nowhere to be found. Seems he likes to send
 his ladies out on reconnaissance missions rather than test the waters himself.

I think we should call him Eli the Sultan of the Rural Roost.

Whaddya think?

~Be well friends~



Clint Baker said...

They didn't look like the cold bothered them to much. lol! I wanted to make you and your other followers aware I am having a free give away:

Deb said...

That's too cute! Smart man.

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Typical 'male' behaviour!

Unknown said...

I never tire of chickens... they're so fun to watch!

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny how animals know when to not go outside. My dog is like that. Love the pictures of the chickens.

Aunt Dee said...

i love the way your write!

Unknown said...

They should be fine with it, they have "down" jackets!! ;P

Thanks for linking up at my place. :)

Unknown said...

It was a blustery weekend, and I can't say I blame the other girls for not heading outside.

Saun said...

That is too funny love that last shot.

Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

So funny. Looks like my group!! :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Wow, Eli and his harem...totally funny :) :) :) Always the girls who are the brave ones ;) :) Thanks for the Wednesday funny :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of CAlifornia, Heather :)

Jocelyn said...

Boys! So typical!

My girls will come to a screeching halt when they see snow. It's comical. A few will venture out, but if there's a deep snow, most will stay in and wait for "room service". Chickens are the funniest people!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Casanova for sure!
Hope you are not working too hard!
xo, misha

Cheryl said...

Too funny! Smart chicks!

Dan said...

Natures wonder... instinct. They responded as expected to old man winter.

In Prince Edward County, Ontario we received our bounty of snow today. As far as this winter goes, this snow should melt soon. A yoyo winter.

Flat Creek Farm said...

They truly are smart li'l cookies, aren't they? We have had (so far) very few 'closed coop' days this winter. We are all very thankful for that. Your flock is beautiful, btw ;) -Tammy