Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Border Patrol Bribes

It's no secret around these parts that the old farmhouse is under 24 hour surveillance. Callie, our border collie-cross, takes her job seriously. She guards her pack with a zeal I didn't know a dog could possess. She patrols the perimeter of our property throughout the day and when it comes to the chickens, her natural herding instinct switches to high gear. She prefers to round them all up into the dog house; it's much easier to keep an eye on them when they're in such a confined area but it makes for tight quarters! 
Of course, her loyalty doesn't go unrewarded. Each morning, after completing her first round of the day, she comes back inside to join me in the kitchen, this time of year in front of a warm fire, and while I slowly wake up with some morning brew, Callie enjoys her own morning treat. 
I've never thought much of those store bought dog biscuits, so when I searched and found a simple recipe for homemade dog cookies, I gave them a try and there's been no going back since.
Here's the recipe.
2 cups all natural peanut butter
2 cups of milk
(I use skim milk power -
8 T milk powder mixed with 2 c water,
before mixing with peanut butter)
In a separate bowl combine
4 cups whole wheat flour
2 T baking powder
Combine wet and dry ingredients into one bowl.
Roll out to desired thickness and bake in a 400 F oven for 15-20 minutes.
 You don't want to over cook them, but you do want them dried out.
Makes 3-4 dozen using a large cookie cutter like mine, but the size of cutter used and how thick you roll them out will determine how many you end up with.
Note: You could cut this recipe in half, but they freeze well, and because I give one to Callie a day, I'm only making them once every five - six weeks. I store a few in a jar, without a lid, as a lid tends to retain moisture inside causing them to go moldy faster, and I store the rest in the freezer until needed.
~be well friends


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What a lucky dog! Those look great.

Gone Country said...

I got a chuckle out of picturing the chickens in the dog house. Too funny!

And loved the image of coffee by the fireplace! It's too hot here, sigh.

Those treats sound yummy and easy to make. I will try making some of these for LizzieBelle. Thanks for sharing!

Ashling said...

You've actually got me tempted to make some for our dogs! Maybe for Yule...

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

I have a couple of labs and one mini dachshund that will love these! Definitely making them for a holiday treat... especially now that the black lab has a broken leg and looks so pitiful thumping around the house with her pink cast instead of frolicking in the rain!


Pride In Photos Beauty said...

We have a dog and I love this recipe...the bones are adorable. Also great for doggie gifts!

Michelle said...

Those do look good and pretty simple. Sweet that she is rounding up the chickens :)

Unknown said...

Callie is a lucky girl! )Our Remington would love these -thanks for the recipe. Our original Californian rabbit and breeding doe is named Callie.

Lynne said...

Sounds easy enough to make . . . Ingredients are probably better than boxed chewy bones that sit on the shelf for ??? I will let you know if Snickers likes them . . . (if I make them.)

Carla said...

I'm gonna have to see about making these for mine and my daughters shelties.
Thanks for sharing