Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Real Deal: Homemade Egg Nog

In an attempt to keep up with my do-it-yourself attitude in the kitchen, the Artist decided to give homemade eggnog a whirl. He grew up with the homemade stuff, and now that egg production has stepped up at the Rural Roost, what better way to use up those extra eggs than with some yuletide cheer straight from the farm. The only thing that could make this better would be to have our own bovine or caprine milk donator...a cow or a goat but for now, here's his deal.

Separate four eggs, place the whites in a small bowl and set them aside.

Place the yolks in a mixing bowl, add 3/4 cup of sugar and beat at high speed.

Add half a litre of heavy cream, half and half or any type of cream you desire.

It's all up to you!

Then add about a third of a litre of milk,
and a dash of vanilla.

Continue to beat all ingredients well.

Set that mixture aside,
or place in another bowl or better yet, your serving container,
 if you're making this using your stand mixer.

Take your egg whites, add about 1/3L of milk and beat on high,
long enough to get those egg whites a little foamy.

Pour your yolk mixture into the egg white froth
and gently mix together.

Add a few dashes of nutmeg while mixing,
 and return the entire mix back into your serving container.

Pour and serve.

Note: a little Irish Whiskey added at this point is the finishing touch.
                                                             -the Artist


This is NOT pasteurized. We use only the freshest eggs from our chickens,
and wash them well. I wouldn't feel comfortable serving anything else to the Twins.
The cream and milk used is pasteurized, obviously, as we don't have our own cow or goats.

The cream to milk ratio used is entirely up to you.
The more cream used, the thicker it will be,
the more milk used, the thinner your recipe will be.
Play around with it until you find a mixture that's just right for you.

For those still using the Imperial system, half a litre = 2 cups or there abouts.

We all love eggnog here at the farmhouse, and even the sweet toothed Twins found
this home made recipe to taste much better than the store bought variety they've been used to drinking. It tastes fresher and has a sweetness to it that is less sickly sweet.

~Cheers friends!

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Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I am in love with your first shot:)
This sounds good, I have not been a fan of eggnog maybe because it came out of a box:)
You really do need a goat or a cow:) B

Lynne said...

Mr Irish Garden House's favourite . . . he will be stopping by!

deb duty said...

Sounds so good!! My boys love egg nog. They start reminding me to buy it in October every year and drink it up as soon as we get it. I bet they would really love your homemade variety!!

Anonymous said...

Love the cow shot!

Yona Williams said...

We made homemade eggnog once and it wasn't sickeningly sweet either - but tasted really good. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

I'm stopping by from Katherine's Corner blog hop.

Happy Favorite Things Thursday!

Vanessa said...

Hey, Nancy

I love it! Looks yummy, my have to try it the only problems is I am the only one who drinks egg nog. All well. By the way, I sent you an email about the giveaway. : )


Anonymous said...

Printed this recipe and will try it with my boys tomorrow night after a long week of school and work.

tiarastantrums said...

look at you go girl! love your edited photo!

Katherines Corner said...

My husband loves egg nog! He would slurp this right up yum. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo