Wednesday, February 6, 2013


What can I say? My mind has a schedule of its own.

Some things just have to be mulled over before a decision can be made with certainty.

But it could be worse. At least I decided on my word for 2013 before 2014 hit the slopes. 

You should see me at a restaurant. Then again, perhaps you shouldn't. I've been known to annoy 
more than one excessively hungry diner with my mad decision making skills...not to mention most waitresses. 
With far too many interests and so little time, not to mention that little thing called 'earning a living',
my mantra this year is to focus. 

On those who matter most to me, 
on the interests that satisfy my heart and soul
what fulfills my dreams for this little farm.


Lynne said...

FOCUS . . . it is . . .
I like this word . . . one that conjures up some form of being responsible, with out feeling structured.

Did I just make any sense at all . . .
Guess I will do a post on
My Word . . .

Ashling said...

Focus is an excellent word and great goal. Glad you found one that works for you!

teekaroo said...

So many interests and so little time. That is me. I could use a little focus myself... or maybe some prioritizing.

Unknown said...

Wonderful word. Exactly what most people are lacking these days - what with their smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, etc... occupying their minds at every second, right? And that photo? Lovely. :D

Michelle said...

I agree with Janice's comment. There is so little focus in today's world. I think we all need a bit more of it!

Unknown said...

I could SO use more of that! Great shot.

TexWisGirl said...

sounds like a good word. hope it works well for you. :)