Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Duck Daze

This is what we call the three eyed stare and it can be a little unnerving at times. More plotting if we didn't have enough of those around here. Unbeknownst to these three, we're having to do our own plotting, for it seems we have a future disaster on our hands. Our little raft of ducklings has turned out to be comprised of one female and two males and as I've quickly discovered two drakes about pond just won't do.

This fellow? He was my only hope. It's possible that I deluded myself in to believing that the narrower white band around his neck meant perhaps he wasn't really a male and that life as a drake would remain foreign to him for all of his days. Then his head started to turn green and not because he's been spending too much time in the pond. You can trust me on that one. The fellow on the left however still has no signs of green on his head and I've now placed all my hopes and dreams squarely on his beak.

Otherwise, this little girl and I have a difficult decision to make about who can stay and who has to go.



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TexWisGirl said...

and ducks can be FIERCE when mating. *sigh*

Mary Ann said...

Boy, I've been there. We have ducks, too... but luckily, one drake and four girls.

Nicki said...

who knew it was this difficult, or cut-throat? great pictures though!

Pearl said...

is it convention about pecking order? a few roosters in a henyard don't fight.

Anonymous said...

What will you do with the extra, ahem, problem, or should I not ask??

Finding Fifth said...

Three eyed stare! Funny. Your third friend does look a lot more like the duck than the drake though so don;t give up hope. We have a chicken that we were convinced was male until she started laying eggs!

Candy C. said...

Uh-oh! At least there is ONE fer-shure female in the bunch!

Lynne said...

Oh dear . . . a bit of a problem looming in rural revival land!

Dan said...

The first image is great! 3 eyed stare or not.

Nancy said...

I've been there and 2 drakes don't make for a happy situation. xo