Friday, July 12, 2013


I've been over the moon this past week, after reconnecting with my great aunt last weekend. (Hi Aunt Bettie!) You'll have to trust me on this for now but she is the coolest almost a centenarian you could ever hope to meet.

Our two white Chantecler chicks, picked up this spring at a poultry swap have never really grown. We're not really crazy about having yet another set of bantams in the Rural Roost but have them we do.

We also have a new layer in the Roost who's been producing white eggs. The Artist keeps asking me who it could be. My answer? One of our hens. What? I'm at work all day, and it's not me!

It's was a sad day over at From my Front Porch in the Mountains, where the stallion, Cadence, the oldest member of the barn passed away Wednesday evening. I can't think that any horse had a better life than he did. Only a few horses in this world have been so lucky to have a human mom like Misha.

I just finished reading Ben Hardwick's The Town that Food Saved tonight. I'm pretty sure it sat on my shelf months ago, while something more interesting at the time held me captive, and was then returned to the library. Somehow, I discovered it again and, luckily, this time there were no other distractions. It's a look at how a small group in a small community struggles to define itself through a redefined model of agriculture, during a difficult financial period throughout the world. It doesn't offer all the answers but it asks enough questions that every place, and undoubtedly every consumer should ponder. I'll leave you with just one tidbit of food for thought from the book,  'To engage in a local food system is to assume a level of responsibility for the very thing that keeps you alive.'

Eat well friends!


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Lynn said...

I am very sorry to read about Misha's loss.. we have a community participation here called AMAP, working together to perserve a least a tiny corner of local agriculture. Sounds like an interesting book.

Nancy said...

Very sad to learn of Misha's loss.

I have a stack of books I keep meaning to get to...

Thanks for joining in this week. Have an awesome weekend.

Candy C. said...

I'm glad it isn't YOU laying the white eggs! ;)
How fun to reconnect with your great aunt! I wish mine was still around.
Sorry to hear about Misha's horse, that is always hard.
Love, love the quote from the book!

Nicki said...

So sad to hear of Cadence's passing - so sweet of you to eulogize the loving life he had. Lovely floral shot accompanying your post today.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, sorry about cadence! what a beauty he was (all of her horses are!)

Anonymous said...

It's always a difficult time when you lose a animal -- tidbit - is so true!!!

Mary said...

So sorry for her loss of Cadence.

White eggs.. hm.. :)

Jim said...

Good for you visiting your elderly aunt. I used to take Dad when he was in his early 90's over to visit his cousins both of whom had broken the 100 limit (one was still driving locally). THOSE LADIES REALLY LIKED HIS VISITS.

I didn't know Cadence but he must have been a neat horse. I like horses. I even rode one, Minnie, to a country high school for my first two years.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about Misha's loss.

Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of this beautiful animal ! Glad you connected with your Auntie I bet you two have lots to catch up on ! By local farm fresh food and or grow your own I say ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

Lynne said...

Thanks for your Random 5 with a mention of Cadence and Misha. Sweet, loving and caring you are!