Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tilling Time

Late last week, we finally decided on a location for our garden. I know, it is a bit late but, not wanting to overdo things our first year, we decided to limit our selection and work our way slowly into increasing our crop variety. We don't have a lot of cold weather crops like lettuce, and our tomatoes and peppers are gaining momentum in the make shift, indoor greenhouse my husband created.

My husband had the rototiller delivered, and had a four hour window before it would be picked up. He tilled for four hours straight, bent over the rototiller as it plied its way begrudgingly through the thick turf. He had just finished, when I returned home from work, and was looking pretty darn tired.

It seems our timing wasn't that far off from our agrarian neighbours who own the fields beside us. For the next night, as I took the puppy out for some relief, I could hear the tractor out ploughing the field. It can be hard to hear but there's no missing it when it's in plain view; as it crested over the hill, the lights, the many, many, very bright lights lit up our house completely. If you've never seen a tractor working at night, just think of 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and picture that in your backyard. I found my first 'encounter' last fall a little freaky!

They were back the next day to finish the job and apply some liquid fertilizer to the field. They had some sort of apparatus set up at the back corner of our property. I thought perhaps it was to survey, but my husband seemed to think it was a sort of GPS system for the tractor, or perhaps it was to keep the tractor travelling in a straight trajectory through the fields. Everything is so high tech these days, why should farming be left behind? If anyone does know, please feel free to leave a comment. I'll try to get a photo when they come back to plant. Now, if only they could have tilled the garden for us....

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