Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tulip Tuesday

When we took possession of the old farmhouse late last summer, the gardens were nothing to write home about. The previous owners did less outside than they did inside, if that's even possible. I wasn't too worried however. I knew it would take some time getting them to look the way I would like, but like everything else, it would get done in time.

Last weekend, I finally had the time to take a closer look at what was growing in our flowerbeds. Actually, I followed my mom around the yard as she called out the names of every plant. It's something we've done everywhere I've ever lived and I find it comforting. I don't think I ever feel truly at home until Mom and I have taken inventory of the gardens. So imagine my delight on two fronts. First, the tall plant growing at the corner of the house is a raspberry favorite berry! It will need to be replanted, perhaps closer to the pond with a few additional bushes. One can never have too many raspberries. My second delight, was to arrive home one day to notice the tulips, which had hid from this cool spring as long they could, had opened to a lovely shade of pink. My favorite flower in my favorite shade. Until I can work these beds into shape, for now, they are all the more bearable.

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Anne Marie said...

how exciting for you!! We had nothing either-
alot of hard work later we have some gardens now....
thank you for following!! Na-Da Farm!!