Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Local Affair

After going on and on about buying and eating local, where possible, I am happy to report that we heeded my own advice when it came to choosing local alternatives for our wedding. My husband created and printed our invitations. The rental company we hired to supply the tent and dishes was from the closest city. As for the food, when my wedding planner a.k.a step-mom discussed the menu with the caterer, she mentioned that I wanted local food. Without hesitation, the caterer told her that was all he used. That was good enough for me, and the fact that his prices were reasonable was an added bonus. We also used local sources for other items as well. They weren't planned that way, but I am delighted in just how local we got.

A family friend who lives down the street from my step-mom, made the beautiful cupcakes. My step-mom picked them up on her way to the wedding.

We hired a violinist to serenade our guests before the ceremony, which turned out to be the hit of the event. He had everyone singing and laughing, and it turns out he lives just a few concessions up and over, about a 15 minute drive, from the old farmhouse.

I came across the florist we hired by conducting on line search of florists in the area. My step-mom is from this area, and thus fluent in local sources, having lived here much longer than I, but she had enough tasks to accomplish, and I knew what I wanted for my bouquet, so it was my job to find it. The florist I contacted, called to give me directions to her home. She is only a few roads north, less than ten minutes from the old farmhouse. It sure was convenient when it came time to pick up the flowers the morning of the wedding.

We decorated the tables with sunflowers purchased from the local store, keeping them in old mason jars that once belonged to my grandmother. We decorated around the tents with lots of arrangements of glads, purchased from a road side stand near my step-mom's home.

Also, in keeping things 'green' I refused to purchase plastic water bottles but rather rented a large dispenser and filled it with water as well as pitchers on each table for use during the meal. There was, however, one item that traveled far and wide to be at our wedding. I should be ashamed, I know, considering there were mighty fine local choices that could have replaced this item and done the job quite nicely to boot. In my defense, I can say that many guests commented on this item, inquiring on it's name and it really, really is my favourite. I do hope you'll forgive me. Perhaps I should translate for you and then maybe you will fully understand. La Vieille Ferme is The Old could a girl in old farmhouse resist? Please say you'll understand....


Debbie said...

Lovely all around. The cupcakes look delicious.

Jackie said...

I agree with Debbie...very lovely. How can you resist bringing in La Vieille Ferme from's perfect. The wedding sounds like it was beautiful!

Elle Bee said...

From all you did locally, I think you're allowed one far away item!!! Fantastic stuff Andrea, and kudos to you for keeping it local.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I understand completely - how perfect :) You took care of so many items locally - great job! Everything looks gorgeous. I do long to hear that violinist ;-) What a perfect wedding. I can't imagine a better event! -Tammy

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Awesome that you kept it local! Being in the agriculture business is tough. We so appreciate our locals who buy from us, and we
also return the favor! It also bonds wonderful friendships in the community :) We also barter for trade of services. I have found money can come in many different forms!

As far as the wine..I would have chosen that also. I think it was a good omen!

Thanks for commenting today on my Mom's b-day post! She couldn't believe all the nice well wishes for her! I have been telling about all the wonderful women i have met through blogging! Now she knows for herself!
Blessings, Misha

The Silver Age Sara said...

All your photos were so lovely and what a beautiful, special day it must have been. The cupcakes looked delicious.

I'm a big proponent of using local products and like you, I don't use plastic bottles. Small changes can make a big difference and I really commend you.