Monday, September 21, 2009

My French Corner

For almost three years now, I have spent three hours each Saturday morning, learning French. It's the highlight of my week. Saturday mornings with Mohdi and my five other classmates is a break away from housework, the kids and a welcome respite from my 9 to 5 job.

I can vividly remember, near the start of the first course, (I'm now on my ninth) listening as Mohdi went around the room asking everyone about their past experiences with French and other languages. It dawned on me, that morning, that I wasn't a freak after all. In the past, my family would often roll their eyes as I practiced my Spanish speaking with them, not really understanding how much I loved it. But here I was, in a small little classroom, with a diverse group of people who loved languages as much as I did, and I realized that I wasn't alone after all; it just took me this long to find people out there like me. I have that epiphany about a lot of things in life, more so as I get older. To realize you're not the only person to have experienced something or to share a similar thought, when you thought you were the only one, is mind blowing; maybe that's why I like blogging and why I truly enjoy reading the blogs of others.

One of those blogs that I have enjoyed reading, is My French Corner. You see, I'm not one to just learn a language, I want to learn everything I can about the culture that comes with it. I really don't see how the two can be inseparable. For me, they're not. At My French Corner, I pick up the odd french mot but what I really enjoy is learning about how the French live. There are a lot of books out there about French living, but they all have to be returned to the library. Now, I have one that I can keep!

So, yesterday after class, I was off to the post office to collect the giveaway I had won last week from My French Corner. She very generously held a give away and for some strange reason, I won! It is the most delightful little book, full of shops in Paris that make handmade items. It is absolutely precious, enchanting and very inspiring and some day, when I finally make it to Paris, hopefully with my son in tow, I'll be prepared to explore!

(I've promised my son a trip to France if he graduates with a French certification from high school. I'll probably take him anyway, and my daughter to China also, but I think it always helps to have a goal to attain. For now, we like to spend time in Quebec each summer...we can drive there!)

Here is the delightful little book but don't let it's size fool you; it is chocked full of delightful tidbits and photos. Je l'adore!

Merci milles fois, Amigh!


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

For many years, every December, I have attended the Salon du Cheval in Paris!
Check out this site for it. I read it in English :( but you can read it in French!
I give you so much credit for your dedication. I took French all through high school and college. But it is something you really must keep practice with; and I did not!
You should be so proud of yourself. living so close to Quebec sounds wonderful..


Girl Tornado said...

I fondly remember my French classes in jr high and high school. Would that I could remember more of it!! Like Misha, I did not keep up with my French. But what a novel idea, to take classes. My brain is amazed at such an idea - I just love how amazing a new thought can be. :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Andrea, congrats on your win! And I am inspired by your dedication to mastering the French language. I had two years of French in high school. In our small school, there were only about 4 or 5 students in those classes. We had a wonderful teacher who adored everything French. I loved it! But as mentioned above, if you don't practice.. it gets lost (proof is in my French pillow project.. haha!). -Tammy

The Silver Age Sara said...

Congratulations on your win and a bigger congratulations for taking a class. I took French all through high school and started to major in it in college and then decided to switch. I still love the language and can converse very badly. Keep us updated with your progress.

The Flying Bee said...

I just wanted to come by to say thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! I have to tell you that I have been wanting to learn French for so long! My dream is to go to Paris one day. I admire you for taking the classes. I am not able to squeeze a class in my schedule right now, but maybe one day. I guess Rosetta Stone will have to do for now. :)

Oh, and your pumpkin patch is beautiful! My boys would love it if we had something like that.

So glad to have found you...btw, before we had our boys my hubby and I brought home a cat from the Humane Society and picked him out because he had a ridiculous tail!!! It was a split tail. We loved him so much. His name was Francois!

Take care,