Sunday, November 1, 2009


By mid afternoon, I could sense the stage was being set for a spooky and eerie Hallowe'en. It was a windy day, stripping the trees of their final leaves and as night fell over us, the temperature dropped and revealed the face of the full moon.

The treats were prepared,

costumes were donned,

the pumpkin was lit,


and as the trick or treating began, shadows lurked around every corner.

Near the end of our trick or treating, we stumbled upon this place,

 where we met this guy,

and this guy.

They invited us to their Hallowe'en party. It was a very spooky place. Full of cobwebs and spiders.

Inside we discovered a monster's feast. It looked delicious, if you don't mind cobwebs, that is.

They even served refreshments. I didn't ask any questions.

Who knew dragons could have, uhm, this sort of trouble with their blood?

We soon discovered many of the guests had long since been missing in action.
I asked Marilyn for the scoop on Mr President, but she told me she doesn't kiss and tell. I told her it was a little late for that.

Apparently, this fellow is a second cousin twice removed to Beetlejuice. His name is Ruraljuice. He was kind of scary and really weird.

Straight from the final showing of last night's Rocky Horror Picture Show...Magenta. She spent most of the night looking for some guy called Rif Raf.

The Paper Bag Princess was a late arrival; lamenting that her book, below, had officially gone out of print. She was consoled by the Unknown Quarterback.

 That was about all I could handle, sweet treats or no, I befriended Annie Oakley and she agreed to help me escape. 

Don't worry, we both grabbed a candy apple on our way out the door.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Spooky!! What great fun you had -- fabulously creative costumes, refreshments and decorations. Great story as well... Enjoyed reading about your fun Halloween!! -Tammy

Jackie said...

Looks like a great time! I too enjoyed reading it.

Have a great day.