Tuesday, November 3, 2009


When I decided to begin blogging, it was with the idea that I would be able to record the thoughts and experiences of a city girl transplanted in the country. What I didn't expect, was to discover a joy in picture taking. My husband is the artist in the family, he has an eye, for capturing images whether it be with a camera or a paintbrush, that I will envy for the rest of my days. So from time to time, when he compliments some of my photographs, well let's just say it leaves me more than a little tickled. So with his encouragement in hand, I entered my first photo contest over at Wine on the Keyboard. Please take a look, there are some amazing photographs and they are all extremely humbling to my nouveau photo skills.

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Flat Creek Farm said...

I love your pumpkin patch photo! What fun to enter a photo contest! I hope you win :) Looks like you're placing close to the top! -Tammy