Thursday, December 10, 2009



This is my favourite Christmas film. Oh, there are lots of good ones out there, and there are a set few that we watch every year, but this one is special for me. It's a story of a nine year old girl whose innocent and simplistic views of life and of Christmas remind me of how much I sometimes wish I was still nine.

Of course, I enjoy the setting, an old farmhouse, just outside a small town. It is picturesque rural life at it's fullest. However, watching the first scenes of the movie always brings a tear to my eye, not just because the main character Jessica has no family there to watch as she performs in the school Christmas pageant, but because they are having a Christmas pageant. When I was nine, I was the angel in the school play who 'brought tidings of great joy, for unto you this day a saviour is born, who is Christ the Lord'. I cherish the memories of that special night but I also feel sad that the glimmer twins will never have that experience. I remember going to rehearsals during the school day, going to school on the big night and thinking how weird it was to be at school when it was dark outside, getting into costume with my friends in the classroom and then being on stage and looking out into a darkened auditorium, easily spotting my dad way at the back because he was taller than most other dads. I also remember the special words that I repeated that night; they have stayed with me for over thirty years.

I enjoy Prancer because it reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas and it also reminds us about the important things in life like having a roof over our heads, food on the table, and a family who loves us and keeps us. I also like it because it teaches us that if you are in the position to help one of Santa's reindeer,then by all means, you better do everything you can. Christmas is at stake! This is why each year, I like to sit down with the twins and watch this movie.

Now, if you remember, my post on Tuesday included a movie quote. No one took a guess, which means y'all better get a move on and watch this movie!

Jessica asks her dad if they're poor. Her dad tells her that no, they're just down on their luck. Next, Jessica asks her dad if they're going to starve to which he replies, "We've got apples, we're gonna eat apple sauce, apple cider and apple pie, and there's stewed apples and baked apples and dried apples, and apple butter; heck no, we're not gonna starve".

Make sure you have the important things with you this Christmas and throughout the year, and you will never starve.

Blessings friends!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Got a towel? I'm drooling . . . SAM ELLIOTT

Flat Creek Farm said...

I'm with Patti.. haha. I can't believe I forgot Sam was in this movie!

Precious post, Andrea. Agreed on all points. And I'm going to watch Prancer again this year, not just for Sam :) -Tammy